Western Governors: We’ve Taken Meaningful Steps to Protect the Sage Grouse

In a new report, the Western Governors’ Association says state and local action to protect habitats should be adequate to avoid having the bird designated an endangered species.

Read moreApril 2, 2015Leave a comment U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

House Members Pursue Holy Grail of Federal Program Efficiency

Bipartisan bill would create project manager career path, standards.

Bill Bans Bonuses for VA Senior Executives

House version of the fiscal 2016 VA spending bill prohibits funds from being used for SES performance awards.


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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I Vt., talks about his agenda in running for president.

What a Bernie Sanders Presidency Would Mean for the Federal Workforce

The Vermont senator has a strong track record advocating for feds.

Play of the Day: More than Just a Weekend at Bernie's

Hillary Clinton finally has an official challenger for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

Jim Webb

Jim Webb Commemorates the Vietnam War, Subtly Jabs at Hillary Clinton

Clinton's would-be opponents are testing out a similar tactic for knocking her foreign policy record.

"Get rid of them. Kick them out of there,” said Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, of employees clearly engaged in misconduct.

Lawmakers Remind EPA to Fire Porn Watchers, Obvious Bad Apples

Legislation to ease termination of feds engaged in misconduct likely coming soon.

Watchdog Says IRS Has Improved Handling of Tax-Exempt Status Requests

A 2013 audit found the agency inappropriately targeted some Tea Party organizations for scrutiny.

Defense Bill Alters Military Retirement System

Changes include auto-enrollment into TSP for new service members, and a less generous pension for those who retire after 20 years.

“We need to step back and instead of having hearings and chasing shiny objects, we start looking at the VA on a holistic basis,” said Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C.

Senators Propose Acting as 'Board of Directors' for VA

Lawmakers lament lack of accountability; beleaguered undersecretary tells them she takes management problems seriously.

Marion Blakey

Departing Aerospace Industries Leader: First-Rate Nations Respect and Support Public Servants

In exit interview, Blakey criticizes congressional gridlock, urges Defense budget compromises.

Feds Dodge Bullet in Budget Deal, But Sequester Cuts Still Coming

Compromise document does not specifically attack retirement benefits or mandate downsizing through attrition.

Play of the Day: The Clinton Campaign's New Logos

In order to garner more votes, Hillary has many more logo options.