Republicans Lower Expectations on Obamacare Repeal

Mitch McConnell reminds voters why repeal isn't going to happen in the 114th Congress, even if he becomes Senate majority leader.

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Play of the Day: Is Texas Turning Away from Conservatives?

Lone Star politicians express themselves a little differently.

House Republicans Can't Find Anyone to Sue the President

The silver lining? The two law firms ditched the case so quickly they didn't perform enough work to cost taxpayers any money.

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Congress Still Has No Idea How Much the NSA Spies on Americans

Adequate oversight is impossible when even diligent members of the Senate Intelligence Committee can't get basic facts about surveillance.

Brinkerhoff Lodge

A Perk for Federal VIPs: Park Service’s Mountain Getaway

Vice President Biden offers to reimburse NPS for his stay at a cabin in Grand Teton National Park.

Play of the Day: The Midterm Toxicity of President Obama

Everyone's running away from the guy who lives in the White House.

Snail Mail Gets Slower: Why USPS Is Missing Its Own Mail Delivery Goals

Disagreement abounds as the Postal Service blames bad weather, not job cuts and plant closures, for slower mail.

A hallway in the half-renovated Pol-i-Charkhi Prison.

U.S. Halted Work on Half-Renovated Prison in Afghanistan

Watchdog faults State Department oversight of contract.

Questions and Possible Answers on the Midterm Elections

The mathematics of Senate control after the midterms is increasingly complex.

Fedblog Navy Cmdr. James Lawler, right, a member of the Defense Department medical support team, shows students how to remove their personal protective equipment during training in San Antonio last week.

What the Decline in Public Trust Means for Government

The lack of faith spreads from elected officials to federal institutions.