Bill to Avoid Shutdown on Track for Passage This Week

Measure would allow 1 percent pay raise for federal employees.

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Syria Measure Likely to Pass, Despite Doubts in Both Parties

Congressional leaders are gathering votes as some members question Obama's strategy.

Afghanistan IG Warns Agencies Should Brace for More Scrutiny

Reconstruction watchdog says State and USAID have misread his independent role.


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House Set to Vote on Bill Making It Easier to Fire Senior Execs

The legislation would make government’s top career officials eligible for one- to 14-day suspensions without pay.

House Republicans Fast-Track Obama's ISIS Offensive for Wednesday Vote

Provision would be voted on as an amendment to a federal funding bill the House has to pass by the end of the month to avoid a government shutdown.

Play of the Day: How to Peer Pressure ISIS

The coalition to combat the group is growing.

Patent Office Confirms Concerns Over Telework Fraud

Agency chiefs says new policies were implemented to curb abuse.

On Politics

How Awful Will the Midterms be for the Democrats?

Midterm elections come in three varieties for the White House party: bad, really bad, and horrific.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Rand Paul Doesn't Really Want To Repeal Every Executive Order Ever

Senator did not mean his comment literally, aide says.

Hill Agenda This Week: Keep Government Open and Arm Syrian Rebels

Congress has plenty to tackle in its last week before recess.

Play of the Day: What Peru Can Do To Combat The Islamic State

The group is a threat to the whole world. Even Peru.

George W. Bush Never Wanted To Be a 'Wartime President'

Bush offered recollections of the 2001 terrorist attacks during a luncheon in Cleveland.