How the White House Is Changing Obamacare to Comply With Hobby Lobby

HHS released new regulations on the law’s contraception mandate

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The Senate's Scattershot Approach to Ferguson

Lawmakers are pursuing a subcommittee hearing, a bill, and review of a Defense program, but nothing is expected to pass when senators return in September.

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Play of the Day: Paul Ryan Really Wants To Drive A Bus

What is the Wisconsin representative's true calling?

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The deadly virus broke out in Guinea this spring.

Two Americans Have Beaten Ebola, but We Don’t Know How

The two infected aid workers have been released from the hospital.

Clintonphobia: Why No Democrat Wants to Run Against Hillary

Given the Clintons' reputation for retaliating for betrayals, it's just not worth it in 2016.

CDC Counts 68 Ebola Scares in United States

Agency works closely with hospitals and clinics to determine whether or not patients should be tested.

Fight Brews Over How Long a Shutdown-Avoiding Measure Should Last

Some want all 2015 spending issues to be pushed into the next Congress.

McConnell Promises Spending Standoff Over Obama’s Green Agenda

The GOP leader stopped short of an explicit shutdown threat, but he did say a Republican majority would use the budget to go after EPA’s environmental rules.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

Darrell Issa to Investigate 'Do-Nothing' Patent Office Employees

Move over, IRS. Oversight committee chairman has a new enemy.

Having a Daughter Won't Make You Vote Democratic (or Republican)

A new study challenges previous conclusions about how parenthood changes politics.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., urged comprehensive reform "before it's too late."

Battle Over Postal-Service Cuts Looms in September

Squabble erupted after USPS announced plans to cut 15,000 jobs and consolidate 82 mail-processing centers in 2015.