Play of the Day: No One Wants Any 2016 Candidates At Thanksgiving Dinner

Jimmy Fallon looks at a recent poll of voters.

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NOAA Chief Spars with Lawmaker Over Climate Change Data

Administrator Kathryn Sullivan declined to turn over requested documents, but instead offered briefings.

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Play of the Day: Giving Equal Time to 2016 Candidates

Stephen Colbert has figured out loopholes in the rule.

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On Politics

The President Again Tries to Right the Ship

Still searching for the proper tone in the wake of the Paris attacks, Obama held his third press conference in eight days.

On Politics

Forget the 2016 Polls: Nobody Knows Anything Yet

The campaigns and the political media are fixated on the presidential race—but actual voters aren’t.

She wasn't even born here.

Play of the Day: A Symbol of Immigration Needs to be Vetted

Stephen Colbert isn't so sure about 'that big green lady' in New York Harbor.

Paul Ryan held a news briefing on the bill Thursday.

House Vote Gives GOP the Upper Hand in Refugee Fight

Enough Democrats backed Thursday’s bill that it will be hard for the White House to head off future efforts.

Paul Ryan and Steve Scalise spoke on the issue of Syrian refugees Tuesday in Washington.

Republicans Try to Deploy Red Tape to Tangle the Refugee Program

A House proposal likely to pass on Thursday wouldn’t shut the nation’s doors to people fleeing Syria and Iraq, but that could be the practical effect.

Play of the Day: Ben Carson's Gifted Hands Can't Trace a Map

This week, the Carson campaign released a graphic that totally rearranged New England.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said a repeal would require 60 votes in the Senate.

Even With a Republican President, Obamacare Isn't Getting Repealed

Republicans probably won’t be able to fully repeal Obamacare in 2017 regardless of who’s president. But the difference between effective repeal and full repeal might just come down to semantics.

Play of the Day: Mike Huckabee Really Doesn't Want Any Syrian Refugees in America

The 2016 hopeful cites climate, religion and other things in trying to keep them out.

A Syrian man and his daughter reach the beach on the Greek island of Lesbos after crossing the Aegean sea from the Turkish coast in a dinghy.

How the Debate Over Syrian Refugees Changed in an Instant

Lawmakers and governors are now scrambling to take the toughest line against admitting refugees to the U.S.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

Ryan's Ascent, Budget Deal Force a Message Change for Democrats

The minority is now focused on warning that a functional GOP will be worse for the country than a dysfunctional one.