An Unhappy Anniversary to the Government Shutdown and Healthcare.gov

With the midterm congressional elections just over a month away, both parties are using the milestone to refresh voters' memories.

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Watchdog: Don’t Rule Out Organic Kitty Litter as Culprit in Nuclear Waste Radiation Leak


DOE IG says Los Alamos Lab did not assess chemical incompatibility problems.

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No Joke, Here's How to Fix the Secret Service

Obama needs to fire Pierson, and Congress needs to return autonomy to the agency.

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Trust Is Not Enough to Break Through Washington Gridlock

Reality check: The bigger problems aren't because individuals don't get along; they're because of larger factors in the political culture.

Play of the Day: Why Congress Isn't Passing Any Bills

The legislative process reminds Jon Stewart of a really terrible dinner date.

A member of the Secret Service Uniformed Division with a K-9 walks along the perimeter fence on Sept. 22.

The Secret Service Let an Armed Man into an Elevator With the President

A security contractor with a gun made it onto an elevator with the president in Atlanta, without permission from the Secret Service.

FCC Mulls Banning Redskins Name

A petition claims the use of the team name on TV violates indecency regulations.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson testifies Tuesday.

Secret Service Head Faces Steep Climb to Regain Trust

Julia Pierson is at the low ebb of her tenure as the first woman to head the agency.

Play of the Day: How to Start a Non-War

The British approach is different than the American approach.

On Politics

Is It Real, or Is It a Political Head Fake?

Although Republicans still appear to have the edge in winning the Senate majority, this fight could still go either way.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Eric Holder's Expansive Vision of Civil Rights

The attorney general has worked to include LGBT rights and other issues under the definition.

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., is one of the lawmakers pushing reforms.

The Many, Many Ideas to Fix the Broken Security Clearance Process

Some reforms have been implemented, but almost everyone agrees there is more work to do.

Obama and Boehner Duke It Out in Dueling Network Interviews

The Democratic president and the Republican speaker offered their perspectives on ISIS, the 2014 election campaign, and their respective economic records.