Pressure Points as Clinton, Sanders Square Off in First Debate

The Democratic battle brings opportunities and peril for the front-runners, and a chance for also-rans to become relevant.

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Play of the Day: Getting Ready for the Democratic Debate

So many questions remain: Will Joe Biden show up? Will Sanders go after Clinton? Who are these other guys?

The Army's Biggest Concern Right Now Is Congress

The Army, like the rest of the military, says its top worry is trying to prepare soldiers to fight when Congress can’t even give them a budget.


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Some mem­bers are not abandon­ing hope that Rep. Paul Ry­an, who many call the closest thing that frac­tious Re­pub­lic­ans have to a con­sensus pick for speak­er, may re­verse his de­cision to avoid the con­test.

House Republicans Leave Washington With No Answers

A Friday meeting gave no resolution to the fallout from Kevin McCarthy’s sudden decision to drop his speaker bid.

Play of the Day: Does Anyone Want to be Speaker?

The disarray continues the week after Kevin McCarthy decided he didn't want the job.

House Republicans Are Waiting for Paul Ryan to Make Up His Mind

The House GOP met Friday to determine what happens next.

House Panel Passes Hiring Reform, Harassment Protections for Federal Interns

Approved bills also include update to presidential transition process and anti-fraud measure.

Looking Ahead to Her Benghazi Testimony, Hillary Clinton and Allies Revel in House GOP's Jumble

The presidential candidate and her campaign team have kept the pressure on Kevin McCarthy over his comments about the House Benghazi Committee. They’re not letting up now.

Kevin McCarthy leave a Republican news conference Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

As the Speaker Election Drama Continues, The US is Nearing a Debt Default

Prepare for the possibility of dangerous brinksmanship.

Play of the Day: The House Speaker Race Is Very Confusing

The House GOP is in disarray after Kevin McCarthy withdrew his name from consideration.

How Agriculture Controls Government Nutrition Guidelines

Meat producers showed dominance over scientists this week, preventing discussion of sustainability.

White House on McCarthy: 'Rupture in the Republican Party'

“Republicans need to learn that doing their job doesn’t mean catering to the extreme-right wing,” press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday.

Kevin McCarthy leaves a meeting on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Kevin McCarthy Suddenly Drops His Bid for Speaker of the House

The House majority leader’s decision has stunned the House, and shaken up the race.