Senator May Try to Block OPM Nominee’s Confirmation Path

Louisiana Republican revives long-standing complaint about ruling on Hill staff under Obamacare.

Read more February 5, 2016 Leave a comment Gerald Herbert/AP

Carly Fiorina Gets Shut Out of Debate

An intense lobbying effort from the former Hewlett-Packard executive didn’t convince ABC News to let her into the next Republican debate.

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Play of the Day: 'Please Clap' for Jeb Bush

The Floridian is having trouble exciting his supporters.

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On Politics

Why Bernie Sanders Can't Govern

Hillary Clinton’s realistic attitude is the only thing that can effect change in today’s political climate.

Colin Powell, left, and Condoleezza Rice both served as secretary of State under President George W. Bush

Clinton Email Dispute Ropes in Her Predecessors Powell and Rice

House Oversight chairman plans new probe that ranking member calls partisan.

On Politics

Clinton’s Coronation Becomes a Grind

She and Sanders will battle through March, costing her money and precious staff time.

Excellence in Government

Government Reorganization 2016: No Magic Wand

With public trust at an all-time low, is there any appetite for overhauling government?

Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., testifies at the hearing.

EPA Deflects Blame as It's Accused of Massive Failures in Flint's Water Crisis

Fiery hearing focuses on EPA's failure to publicize data showing contaminated water.

Play of the Day: Money Finally Gets Its Revenge on Bernie Sanders

The Iowa caucuses were determined by flipping coins and they did not come up for the Vermonter.

Nextgov Education Department CIO Danny Harris testifies before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

Amid Cybersecurity Concerns, House Republicans Blast Education CIO Misconduct

Rep. Jason Chaffetz., R.-Utah., challenged CIO Danny Harris and Acting Secretary John King on recent investigation into Harris’ behavior, arguing the department may not be equipped to protect 139 million Social Security numbers from cyberattack.

Hillary Clinton arrives at her caucus night rally.

Clinton Got Obama's Iowa Tactics, Not His Voters

Sanders' strong showing with young voters highlights the challenge Clinton faces if she wants to replicate the Obama coalition.

Americans Don't Trust the Government to Help Fix the Economy

Only 18 percent of respondents to a recent poll said they trusted elected officials in Washington the most to fix the economy.