Western Governors: We’ve Taken Meaningful Steps to Protect the Sage Grouse

In a new report, the Western Governors’ Association says state and local action to protect habitats should be adequate to avoid having the bird designated an endangered species.

Read moreApril 2, 2015Leave a comment U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Hillary Clinton Will Have Trouble Using State Department Experience as a Campaign Weapon

She can't mention her role as secretary of State without raising questions of pay-to-play and deleted emails.

The Law Protecting American Consumers From Toxic Chemicals is Finally Going to Be Updated

Cutting a deal with big bad interest groups can lead to change.


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Play of the Day: All The Places Obama Yuks It Up

The White House Correspondents' Dinner is not the only place Obama gets laughs.

Rand Paul Reverses Course on Drones

The Kentucky senator defends the White House drone policy he once lambasted in a 13-hour filibuster, dulling any edge he may have had on a GOP pack running on the same national security platform.

A bomb squad member checks the gyrocopter that a U.S. Postal Service worker landed on the lawn of the Capitol on April 15.

Hill Outlook: Finishing a Budget, and Fending Off a Gyrocopter

Lawmakers want to finalize a spending blueprint and stiffen the Capitol's defenses.

Play of the Day: Hillary Takes to Yelp

A campaign trip through New Hampshire sparks online reviews.

Lawmakers Think Postal Delivery Trucks Can Do Better Than 10 Miles per Gallon

As USPS gears up for fleet overhaul, members of Congress push for greener vehicles.

Voters Want Aggressive Government Reform, Not Tinkering Around the Edges

New polling analysis shows a rise in voters who favor dismantling programs.

Ted Cruz campaigns in New Hampshire in mid-April.

Why Did Ted Cruz Miss the Loretta Lynch Vote?

He voted against cloture but was the lone senator not to vote on final passage.

Despite Accidental Deaths This Week, Congress Says Drone Strikes Are Here to Stay

On Capitol Hill, Republicans and Democrats agree the drone program has been a valuable tool in the war against terror.

Dunk is an affront to nature itself.

Play of the Day: Meet the NSA's New Recycling Mascot

That's right: The National Security Agency introduced a computer-generated mascot teaching kids to sort their trash.

On Politics

The Many Measures of Hillary Clinton

The former secretary of state has long held progressive economic views—but that's only one aspect of her political identity.