Clinton Email Fracas Raises Question: What Is a 'Special Government Employee?'

Sen. Grassley’s pursuit of former State Department secretary's aide shines light on high-level temps.

Read moreSeptember 4, 2015Leave a comment Mark Lennihan / AP

The Defense Department Is Not Training Military Personnel to Be Ethical

GAO report says DoD ethics and professionalism efforts are falling short.

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The Race to Eliminate Agencies, and Other Ideas From Presidential Candidates

Ben Carson says the federal government can do without one of its largest departments.

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On Politics Carson speaks to the media in Iowa in June.

The Story Behind Ben Carson's Surge in the GOP Polls

After a lackluster summer, the famous neurosurgeon is finally surging—but his reliance on the conservative grassroots might be a burden as much as a boon.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi

House Benghazi Probe Leader: Former Top Clinton Aide Mills 'Answered All of the Committee's Questions'

Trey Gowdy says the nine-hour interview with Cheryl Mills will be ‘treated as classified,’ rebuffing a senior Democrat’s call for the transcript’s immediate release.

The Justice Department headquarters is housed in Washington D.C.'s Robert F. Kennedy Building

Justice to Require Warrants for Cell Tracking Technology

The new policy does not apply to state and local police departments that have used cell-site simulators to track criminals.

On Politics

Donald Trump and the Price of Loyalty Oaths

The GOP convinces Donald Trump to sign its pledge—but was it actually Trump who outsmarted the party’s establishment?

Play of the Day: Clinton's Email and Obama's Religion

Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel tackle the important issues of our time.

Frustrations of 2013 Shutdown Linger As the Threat of a Repeat Grows, Says Ex-Pentagon Comptroller

Robert Hale is growing less hopeful about avoiding a lapse in appropriations next month.

Some House members are openly threatening a revolt against Boehner through a rarely-used procedural maneuver.

Conservatives Plotting Against Planned Parenthood and John Boehner Could Force a Shutdown

Conservatives want to defund the group, even if it means a shutdown. And they’re holding the GOP leadership accountable.

Play of the Day: Kanye West for President

If Trump can lead in the polls in 2015, why can't an outspoken musician in 2020?

Obama Restores Mount McKinley to Its Original Name of Denali

The park encompassing the mountain has been called Denali National Park since 1980.