Who Will Pay Ebola Patients' Medical Bills in the U.S.?

Some hospitals and lawmakers are looking to the federal government to cover treatment, which can total more than $1 million for a single patient.

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Time Is Running Out on the CIA Torture Report

The Senate still thinks it can wrap up negotiations with the White House before the year ends. But the clock is ticking.

Ted Cruz: Republicans Shouldn't Fear a Government Shutdown Over Immigration

The senator says the 2013 shutdown over Obamacare didn't hurt his party at the polls. So why should the GOP fear one over immigration?


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Play of the Day: Revising How A Bill Becomes A Law

Saturday Night Live channels Schoolhouse Rock.

What It Will Take to Fix Federal Pay

Everyone agrees change is needed, but outdated and inconclusive salary data make it difficult.


Writing the Book on Moneyball Government

A bipartisan group makes the case for evidence-based decision-making.

"The House has an obligation to stand up for the Constitution," said Speaker John Boehner.

House Files Lawsuit Against Administration Over Obamacare

GOP accuses White House of exceeding its authority in implementation of health law, does not include immigration order in suit.

Play of the Day: The Pros and Cons of Keystone XL

The recent failure of the project doesn't mean the conversation is over.

Hillary Clinton Breaks Her Silence on Immigration Reform

"I support the president's decision to begin fixing our broken immigration system," she said in a statement.

Storify: Public Officials React to Obama's Immigration Address

Social media reactions to Obama's announcement, mostly along party lines.

"To alter or change the fee matter, it would take a change of law," said Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers.

Appropriations Chair: Immigration Order Can't be Defunded Through Spending Bill

Citizenship and Immigration Services receives most of its funding through application and petition fees.

Nothing Unites Congress Like Fighting Nazis

Lawmakers have rushed to close a loophole that allows suspected war criminals to claim millions in Social Security, but they're not going to get taxpayers' money back.

Pelosi Compares Obama Immigration Order to Emancipation Proclamation

The Democratic leader accuses GOP foes of having very short memories when it comes to executive action.