Obama’s Second-Term Agenda Hits a Roadblock: the Supreme Court

The president’s legacy has mostly survived legal challenges so far, but the shift toward executive action could change that.

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Play of the Day: Donald Trump Has a Way With Numbers

The New Hampshire GOP primary winner has a lot of unemployment figures, but none are necessarily correct.

Senate Panel Approves OPM Nomination

Acting Director Beth Cobert still faces hurdles because of matters related to the OPM hack and Obamacare.

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Supreme Court Blocks Obama's Climate-Change Plan

The high court halts a major EPA regulation Tuesday as lower courts deliberate its future.

Play of the Day: Gender in the Democratic Primary

Is there really a "special place in hell" for young women who support Bernie Sanders?

On Politics

Trump and Sanders Are Doing Well Because They Tap Into the Same Anxious Feelings

They both foment outrage at trade policies that have hurt America’s middle class.

Win or Lose, Ryan Will Bear Budget Burden

The speaker who made his name writing aggressive spending blueprints now risks not passing one.

Play of the Day: Chris Christie Knows Marco Rubio is Caught in a Loop

Is the Floridian repeating a specific talking point or just sponsored by Vine?

Sen. Mike Enzi in a 2011 photo.

Budget Panels Snub OMB Chief on Obama Fiscal Plan

House and Senate committee leaders say they won’t hear testimony from Shaun Donovan on the administration’s fiscal 2017 roadmap.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders makes a campaign stop in Portsmouth, N.H.

Bernie Sanders' Problem With Democrats

Will the Democratic Party nominate a candidate who hasn't been a member of their party, and who has long denounced it?

On Politics

Three Lanes to the Finish of the 2016 GOP Race

Trump attracts blue-collar support, and Cruz pulls in evangelicals, but can any one candidate lock down college-educated, non-evangelical voters?

Play of the Day: That Awkward Debate Entrance

Ben Carson couldn't quite get on stage Saturday night.

Sen. David Vitter, R-La.

Senator May Try to Block OPM Nominee’s Confirmation Path

Louisiana Republican revives long-standing complaint about ruling on Hill staff under Obamacare.