State IG: Clinton Ignored Department Protocol in Using Private Email Server

Audit found no evidence the former secretary of State ever sought approval for her email practices.

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Play of the Day: Trump Narrates History's Tragedies

The 2016 presumptive GOP nominee likes the word "boom."

House Passes Bills to Speed Up Sales of Federal Buildings

Bipartisan measures would create a Public Buildings Reform Board and streamline leasing.


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On Politics

Obama Floats Above the Malaise in His Job Approval Ratings

Ratings reach two-year highs even though most voters think the country is headed on the wrong track.

On Politics

How Republican Governors Are Narrowing Clinton's Choices

Harry Reid says ‘Hell no’ to a running mate who would be replaced in the Senate by a Republican. That means you, Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and Cory Booker.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, testifies before the House Judiciary Committee during the hearing to examine allegations of "misconduct" by IRS chief John Koskinen.

IRS Chief Politely Skips House Impeachment Hearing

Judiciary chairman declines to enter Koskinen’s statement in record.

Play of the Day: Solving TSA's Personnel Problem

Craigslist surely has some creeps who are into "the feet job."

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., is one of the lawmakers urging full funding.

Powerful House Republicans Endorse Major Funding Increase for USPS Regulator

Conservatives show rare support for an Obama proposal to boost spending.

Play of the Day: Trump's Oreo Remark

The presumptive GOP nominee's comment about Chris Christie's weight didn't exactly land.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., is one of the senators who requested more information.

Lawmakers Push to Ensure Security Clearance Agency Is More Than Just 'a New Name'

Senators ask for details on exactly how new bureau will operate.

Republicans Try to Rein in the National Security Council

As the NSC swells to more than 400 staffers, a congressional proposal offers the White House a choice: Cut it down to size, or subject it to more oversight.

Lawmaker: Get Criminal Investigators Out of a ‘Failed Bureaucracy’

Bill would separate IRS’s investigative unit from the rest of the agency.

Play of the Day: The State of the 2016 Race

Trump's convention will be like a reality show and Sanders still won't quit.