Play of the Day: President Trump Likes to Wait For the Facts

Another day brings another controversial statement from Donald Trump.

Read more August 16, 2017 Leave a comment White House via YouTube

Watchdog: OMB Must Do More to Cut Agency Reporting Requirements

2010 law called on OMB to annually coordinate a review of agencies’ reports and plans.

Why Governmental Transparency Will Not Work Without Strong Leadership

A scholar argues why more rules, regulations and codes, such as those proposed by Walter Shaub, will not have much effect.


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On Politics

An Indelible Image From Trump's 'On Both Sides' Press Conference

Once again, the chief executive chose his own words over the ones that had been prepared for him.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump Addresses the Violence in Charlottesville

The president is getting criticized for his first tepid statement over the weekend.

One of the Two Agencies That Probes Meddling in U.S. Elections is Broken

The Federal Election Commission is profoundly dysfunctional.

White nationalist demonstrators hold their ground as they clash with counter demonstrators in Lee Park in Charlottesville on Saturday.

The FBI is Investigating the Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

Four people have been arrested, including a suspect believed to have plowed his car into anti-white nationalist protesters.

Play of the Day: Playing Trump Word Bingo

According to one report, European diplomats have a game for the U.S. president.

Agents patrol on horseback in South Texas. The IG said wastefulness could hinder CBP's planned Border Patrol hiring spree.

CBP Administered Polygraphs to Applicants Already Admitting Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking

The agency wasted $5 million giving exams to candidates it should have already deemed unsuitable, IG says.

Play of the Day: Guam is Not Worried

With the North Korean regime posturing, the American territory has heard these threats before.

Play of the Day: Tensions Build Between the United States and North Korea

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are exchanging threats involving fire, fury and Guam.

VA Secretary David Shulkin would like to re-fire the official.

VA Secretary Vows to Re-Fire Former D.C. Health Center Chief

Review board last week issued a temporary stay on ex-employee’s firing last week.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said: "Whoever approved of this spending should be fired."

Defense Contractor Billed Government for Porsches, Million-Dollar Salaries and Secret Guns

Senator calls for heads to roll at the Pentagon over new report of questionable spending.