Gaming Industry: Let Feds Use Government Charge Cards at Casinos

There are "many legitimate business-related expenses" incurred at casinos, lobbyists say.

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Archives Officials Worried Clinton Might Send Records to Little Rock

Chief records officer disputes legal group’s interpretation of 2012 emails.

Obama Names Denise Turner Roth to Head GSA

Deputy chief had been acting since Tangherlini left in February.


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Amid USPS' Calls for Pay Cuts, Unions Let Deadline Pass for New Labor Contract

Postal Service's negotiations stall with two unions representing 300,000 employees.

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How to Get Your New Team Off to a Strong Start

The foundation is built on four one-word questions.

Advocacy Group: IRS' Problems 'Won't Be Cured by Removing Lois Lerner'

Institutional reform is needed to restore trust after targeting scandal, Cause of Action finds.

"There's no other opportunity like" the PMF program, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said.

Nearly One-Quarter of 2015 Presidential Management Finalists Are Vets

The competitive program has 600 finalists in the class of 2015, from a pool of 7,800 applicants.

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America's Aging Population Is Bad News for Women's Careers

Unless the U.S. can put policies in place to support family caretakers.

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Campaign Politics Made the Vice Presidency a Strange Job

It's a frustrating mix of bureaucratic nonsense and clownish ribbon-cutting, all within tantalizingly close reach of the most influential job on earth.

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What Are Your Odds of Getting a Security Clearance?

Fewer workers are being granted access to intelligence.

Rx for 21st-Century Government: Nimbler Hiring and Trained Managers

Millennials aren’t exactly flocking to “overly bureaucratic” agencies.

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4 Tips for Better One-on-One Meetings With Your Manager

Don’t just sit back and wait to get the attention you need.