Three Ways the U.S. Should Prepare For the Next Flu Pandemic

Science has come a long way in the 100 years since the worst flu pandemic in history. But that doesn't mean that the country is ready for another health disaster.

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Why Trump’s Infrastructure Ambitions Are Likely to Stall

The $1.5 trillion plan he's proposing would do the most for ventures that don't really need the government's help and ignores some major obstacles to private investment.

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Appointee Watch: IRS Commissioner Announced as Management Officials Move Forward

Trump announces nominations to State, Homeland Security and FTA.

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Go to Sleep: Why All-Nighters Don't Work

Want to ace that day tomorrow? Here's a tip: put down the coffee and get some sleep.

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Going With Your Gut May Mean Harsher Moral Judgments

Imagine someone giving a gift to their partner that they originally bought for an ex. What does your gut tell you?"

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Winning the War for Talent In The Public Sector

Often, we promote technical superstars into management roles and don’t equip them with the skills they need to do the work.

Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan has said the agency is "hitting on all cylinders."

New Deportation Officer Hires Dropped in Half in Trump’s First Year

ICE hired just 371 officers from more than 11,000 applications in 2017.

New Federal Senior Executives Are Being Left in the Dark As They Start Their Jobs

Survey finds only half of incoming SESers are satisfied with the onboarding process.

Vivieca Wright Simpson, chief of staff to VA Secretary David Shulkin, stepped down Friday.

Third-Ranking VA Official Steps Down Over Altered Travel Records

Investigators said Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin’s chief of staff altered an email to obtain ethics officer’s approval for covering his wife’s travel costs.

Special Counsel Confirms Removal of Energy Department Anti-Leak Posters

Whistleblower advocate had complained the signs violated employee disclosure rights.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., said: "The federal government comes off as unreliable and whimsical in the extreme."

New GSA Brass Struggles to Explain Revised Plan for FBI HQ

House members of both parties express puzzlement at Trump shift to rebuilding downtown.

VA Secretary David Shulkin testifies before the House Veterans' Affairs Committee Thursday.

VA Secretary Shulkin Faces Only Mild Criticism From Congress Over Travel Abuse Allegations

Shulkin says he has reimbursed the government for his wife's travel and inappropriate gifts.

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LinkedIn and Microsoft Will Now Write Your Resume For You

Finding the right words to describe your last job no longer needs to be a thesaurus-combing ordeal.