Capitol Police Arrest Congressional Fellow for Bringing Loaded Gun to the Hill

The fellow, an active-duty Marine, was charged after being caught with the weapon during a routine search.

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There Won’t Be a Shutdown, Senate Leader Says

Mitch McConnell renews vow to negotiate with congressional Democrats and the White House to avoid closing federal agencies.

Managers Can Fire Bad Feds, They Just Don’t

The Merit Systems Protection Board has compiled research to help agencies deal with poor performers.


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Obama and Biden speak with a solar company official in 2009 amongst solar panels.

How Will Obama's Clean Power Plan Affect Low-Income and Minority Communities?

A significant chunk of the plan focuses on “community involvement and environmental justice.”

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How Managers Can Help Employees Hit By the OPM Breach

Lessons from one agency offering seminars for affected personnel.

Obama Plan Brings Back Carbon Tax Conversation

Sweeping power-plant regulations would enable states to use pollution trading, fees to cut heat-trapping emissions

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The Internet of Things: Is Your Agency Program Ready?

The IoT brings more capability and risk.

Aldrin also posed for some great vacation photos on his trip.

The Feds Reimbursed Buzz Aldrin $33 For His 1969 Trip to the Moon

Aldrin has posted his original travel voucher and customs forms on Facebook.

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Men Are Freezing Women Coworkers Out of the Workplace – Literally

Offices are experiencing an air-conditioning double standard.

NASA Wants to Experiment With Drones That Can Fly in Space

The agency wants robots that can fly to places its rovers can’t reach.

Obama spoke about his Clean Power Plan Monday at the White House.

Obama Calls Lack of Climate Change Action 'Shameful'

The president attacks critics of the White House effort to curb pollution from power plants.

The FDA's War on Sugar

The agency recommends a daily limit to curb consumption.

DHS Issues a Warning About the Senate's Cyber Bill

Homeland Security said Monday that the Senate's plan would "sweep away important privacy protections."