Flexibility or More Money? Lawmakers Push Competing Bills to Help TSA Overcome Long Lines

Bills would attempt to address the wait time crisis.

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An Investigation Into Wisconsin's VA 'Candy Land'

A report due out Tuesday looks into the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center and how doctors might have over-prescribed pain pills to veterans.

Clinton Pledges More Job Flexibility, Opportunities for Military Families

The Democratic presidential candidate’s platform aims to help families better weather constant moves and boost support services.


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Most People Are Actually Pretty Happy at Work

Indians and Japanese are extreme cases, according to a new survey.

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Managers Need to Edit Themselves Before Taking On Subordinates

It isn’t smart to make your employees feel stupid.

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What Silicon Valley Wants From Navy SEALs and Army Rangers: Leadership Lessons

They're quick thinking and adaptable—skills that are in demand in the tech sector.

White House Would Require Supply Contractors to Disclose Climate Risks

Proposed rule seeks to measure vendors' greenhouse gas emissions.

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A Huge New Study Links Being a Workaholic to a Bunch of Psychiatric Disorders

“Taking work to the extreme may be a sign of deeper psychological or emotional issues.”

Donald Trump Attacks a 'Mexican' Federal Judge

The presumptive Republican nominee harshly criticized the judge presiding over a Trump University lawsuit.

Clinton addresses supporters in Pittsburgh in April.

Trump and Clinton Want to Bring Back Millions of Outsourced Jobs – Here's Why They Can't

Instead of trying to bring back the old economy jobs that have been lost, the U.S. should focus on training Americans in new skills.

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Take It From a Marine: Leaders Ask For Help

My mission was clear. It was up to me to figure out how to do it.

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Travelers wait in security checkpoint lines at Honolulu International Airport on Thursday.

Should Airports Privatize Security to Avoid Long Lines?

Some U.S. cities are looking into hiring private contractors and moving away from the TSA after a month of historically long lines.