The Politics of Creating A 2016 Soundtrack

It’s not easy picking a perfect presidential playlist. And it can take a lot of staffpower.

Read moreOctober 2, 2015Leave a comment Charlie Neibergall/AP

Obama: I Won't Sign Another Short-Term Spending Bill

Veto threat raises the stakes for coming budget negotiations, and the possibility of a shutdown.

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Arne Duncan, Obama’s Education Secretary Since the Beginning, Is Stepping Down

The president is expected to make the official announcement Friday afternoon.

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How Hillary Clinton Helped Her Employees Manage Work-Life Balance

While secretary of state, she worked from home so that moms and dads could be with their kids on a snow day.

Excellence in Government

Will New Regs Trigger Better Executive Performance?

The focus is on public policy issues, not day-to-day management.

Congress Keeps Cuts to Pentagon Travel Per Diems

The final version of the fiscal 2016 Defense authorization bill does not repeal a policy that resulted in lower per diems for long-term government travelers.

Obama Vows Another Try on Gun Regulation

A president famed for his cool was visibly shaken; a politician noted for his calculation was ready for a fight he is likely to lose.

Excellence in Government

Why It's Not Looking Good for Women in the Workplace, in Seven Charts

Sheryl Sandberg says in a new paper that the glass ceiling is real.

The Justice Department Invests in Combatting Recidivism

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces a $53 million effort to keep newly released inmates out of jail.

New Mapping Tool Could Help Hurricane Joaquin Victims

For most people, a power outage is an inconvenience, but for those who depend on electricity-powered medical equipment, it can become a death sentence.

Sanders Raises $26 Million, Nears Clinton

The Vermont senator’s campaign announced its donation numbers in the third quarter.

Former president George W. Bush hugs President Obama after his January 2009 swearing in.

Top Obama Aide Recalls Tensions of 2008 Presidential Transition

Chris Lu praises new book on “history’s best” White House changeover.