More Than 100,000 Enrollees Are Likely to Lose Obamacare Coverage

Missing verification forms regarding immigration status could cause them to lose their insurance at the end of September.

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Afghanistan IG Warns Agencies Should Brace for More Scrutiny

Reconstruction watchdog says State and USAID have misread his independent role.

Not Just Silicon Valley: Feds Have a Gender Tech Gap, Too


Here's what the government can do as an employer to get its house in order.


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Excellence in Government

Reflections on 9/11 and Excellence in Government

Lives changed when the plane hit the Pentagon, and so did government.

Excellence in Government

The Way HR Works Needs to Change

Human resource offices need to deal with big data better.

Excellence in Government

Guess Where the Government Ranks in Customer Satisfaction?

Agencies could better serve citizens and businesses by streamlining websites.

Patent Office Confirms Concerns Over Telework Fraud

Agency chiefs says new policies were implemented to curb abuse.

Agencies Are Increasingly Dismissing Discrimination Claims for the Wrong Reasons

EEOC is reversing nearly half of dismissals; USPS and Army among the worst offenders.

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​Without Users, Performance Measurement Is Useless

Getting meaningful metrics to the right people drives improvements.

Nextgov Mikey Dickerson the new administrator of the U.S. Digital Service.

Mikey Dickerson: No Paper Pushing at US Digital Service

The head of the U.S. Digital Service is taking a fix-it first approach to his office.

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The Ultimate Office Perk: Not Having an Office

The makers of WordPress learned the secret to employee happiness years ago.

Bernie Sanders May Challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's considering running for president in 2016. But will he do it as an independent or as a Democrat?

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Want to Be Happier? Try Walking Even Part of the Way to Work

New research concludes that an active commute may be as important to well-being as marriage or a pay raise.