After Much Ado, El Niño Has Officially Been Declared by NOAA

It will be milder this time.

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Photos: Federal Animals Frolic Thursday in the Snow

Wildlife at Smithsonian's National Zoo enjoyed the five inches that fell on the facility Thursday.

Improper Payment Rate Rises Despite New Crackdown

GAO re-estimates unmerited benefits in Medicare, earned income tax credit, jobless insurance.


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Why I Failed to Advocate for Women: Confessions of an Ignorant Man

Many men don't go to bat for women because they're blind to gender bias.

Excellence in Government

Snow Days: When Government Resorts to Naming and Shaming

Will a neon notice on the front door really convince citizens to shovel their walks?

Obamacare Fixed U.S. Health Care Inflation

Cost of health care is rising at the slowest rate since 1961.

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Americans are Less Productive and Better Compensated Than We Thought

Revised data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics tell a different story.

Washington Area Agencies to Open Late, Again

Employees have the option to take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework.

LaGuardia Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States.

How Air-Traffic Controllers Sound When They Have to Close the Airport

Since most things about the modern airline experience are so unpleasant for most of the traveling public most of the time, it's worth noticing how smoothly these professionals do their work.

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Do the Same Rules Apply to You?

Operating like you're above it all is a sign you don't care what your people think.

Hillary Clinton’s Tweet About Email Doesn’t Answer Security and Transparency Concerns

We don’t know if Russia or China hacked Clinton’s emails, and we may never know, security experts said.

The Department of Justice Is Asking Ferguson To Do the Impossible

Ferguson needs to drastically revise its court system. But how is a city supported by predatory court fees supposed to fund reform?

Excellence in Government It starts in the teenage years.

Study: The Gender Gap at Work Starts as Early as Age 15

Globally, teen boys get internships and job shadowing before they even leave school — girls get online research.