Why the White House Is Shaking Up Medicare

Medicare announces new plans to pay more doctors based on value.

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Did Andrew Cuomo Overreact When He Closed New York City’s Subway?

The governor ordered the system to close because of the blizzard. But as smartphone apps showed, the trains kept on running.

Nonprofits Offer Help with Agency Records Management

National Archives welcomes input on preservation of electronic communications.


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CHCOs Can Vastly Improve Their Agencies’ Curb Appeal

How to get your 'house' in order and make it a talent destination.

Washington Agencies to Open Two Hours Late

Employees also have option of unscheduled leave or telework.

Looking Back at the GSA Scandal: Did the Administration Overreact?

Some say the response to lavish spending in Las Vegas was too heavy-handed, given the limited scope of the problem.

VA chief Bob McDonald announced the reorganization in November.

VA Announces Major Department Realignment

Official says reorganization is not about job cuts, and that there is 'more than enough work' to go around.

Where Are They Now? Where the Players in the GSA Scandal Have Landed

Two officials fired in the wake of the conference-spending revelations have since been reinstated with back pay.

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What’s It Going to Be This Year? Doing or Being?

It's not about what we’re going to do; it’s about how we want to be.

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How to Kick-start Your Career

Start with the 5 pillars of continuous learning.

Secret Service officers search the grounds of the White House Monday.

Drone Crashes Onto South Lawn of the White House

A small unmanned aircraft crashed on the southeast side of the executive mansion Monday morning.

Terminal 5 at JFK International Airport.

Homeland Security IG Protests Redactions in Report on Airport Security Lapses

TSA argued information omitted from the report on vulnerabilities at JFK Airport was sensitive.

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The Value of Remembering Ordinary Moments

Though writing down daily events may seem mundane, participants in a recent study were happy to have records of them in the future.