Thanksgiving at the White House: The Menu Changes More Than the Silverware

On the president's holiday table, tradition and politics intersect with culture and design.

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What Every Presidential Candidate Needs to Know About Government

A new directory for aspiring chief executives aims to inform their thinking.

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White House Climate Envoy: 'Now Is Our Time'

Todd Stern can’t bear to think about failing to strike a climate-change deal in Paris next month.

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Why Poor FITARA Grades Are a Good Start

The first round of ratings provides critical benchmarks.

IRS Should Rethink How It Audits the Rich, Watchdog says

Agency has improved focus and fairness but needs better quality reviews, watchdog says.

Obama: Paris Climate Summit is 'Rebuke to Terrorists'

He and French President Hollande on Tuesday reaffirmed the U.S. and France’s “unity of purpose” in defeating the Islamic State.

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Want Innovation? 10 Tips for Senior Leaders

Make it possible for staff to wildly succeed, because of you.

Investment in Senior Executive Training Pays Off

A well-trained SES cadre is key to organizational success.

Downtown Detroit.

GSA Has a Message for Mayors: Let’s Work Together

Administrator Roth wants to align the agency’s operations with the economic development plans of local partners.

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Achieving Joined-Up Government

Digital strategies to fix fragmented public services.

Play of the Day: More on Donald Trump's Hair

The candidate's coiffure is once again a topic for late-night jokes.

When Top Feds Cash In, They Lead by Example

Lucrative contracts and consulting positions are luring more than long-serving feds.