For Thanksgiving, Why Does the President Only Pardon White Turkeys?

Notable heritage breeds don't make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., thanks to the industrial turkey farming lobby's lock on the annual event.

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Bug Accidentally Shut Down Military Open Source Software Portal


Problems with a backup system are preventing Pentagon from recovering

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Schumer: Government Management Failures Contributed to Democrats’ Midterm Losses

Obamacare and veterans’ health debacles hurt Americans’ faith in government, senator says.

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Can Your Job Help Your Brain Age More Gracefully?

A new study looks at whether retired surgeons have better memory skills than retired painters.

Do you really want to know how many calories are in this meal?

Attention Dieters: FDA Ruling Will Require Calorie Counts at Restaurants

New requirements will make sure eateries "conspicuously" inform customers of nutrition information.

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Is Chocolate a Superior Memory Food?

Important ties between food and mental functioning keep emerging.

Protestors rally outside the White House Monday night.

White House Protestors Underwhelmed by Obama's Ferguson Comments

On a night of high national tensions and violence, protestors at the White House were disappointed by President Obama's speech about the Ferguson grand jury.

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A Public-Private Innovation Classroom

The Center for Leadership Development invites business leaders to brainstorm alongside feds.

Why Is the Smithsonian Standing Behind Bill Cosby?

The comedian thinks people should have "the integrity not to ask" about the allegations against him. The institution apparently agrees.

The Supreme Court has been asked to intervene in the office’s keeping wraps on opinions in such serious subjects as domestic surveillance and torture of suspected terrorists.

Obama Administration Took Unusual Step in Releasing Justice Memo on Immigration

Office of Legal Counsel’s opinions are often kept behind closed doors.

The History of Cabinet Shakeups, Charted

As the size of the United States Cabinet has ballooned from 11 departments in 1947 to 15 today, there has been significant turnover.