OMB Pressured to Invoke Bush Directive Banning Earmarks

Budget director asked to enforce 2008 deterrent to spending on pet projects.

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Senator Calls for Justice Department Probe of VA Relocation Funds Abuse

Blumenthal decries the “mindset that puts veterans last.”

Snowden Says He'd Go to Prison to Come Back to the United States

Speaking to the BBC, the NSA whistleblower said his lawyers were still awaiting a plea deal from the government.


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Bridging the Millennial Soft Skills Gap

Young workers bring new talents, but need to learn the basics.

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Dear Men: Wake Up and Smell the Inequality

Women in the C-suite are less likely to leave than men, so why not invest in them?

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said: "Every agency, and especially the VA, needs the strong, independent oversight that inspectors general provide."

After 640-Day Wait, VA Gets a Nominee for Inspector General

Obama names attorney Michael Missal to post that Congress is scrutinizing.

Navy Employees Lose Furlough Case on Appeal

Court upholds MSPB’s ruling favoring agency in case involving 2013 sequester furloughs.

Garfield's White House portrait.

The Man Who Killed a President Over a Political Appointment

Charles Guiteau assassinated James Garfield in 1881. But, why?

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Is It Fairer to Remove Alma Maters From Job Applications?

At its UK offices, Deloitte will hide the name of a job candidate's university in hopes of curbing recruiters' biases.

Clinton’s Health Care Plans Might Be Headed Nowhere

To make major changes, a Democratic president probably needs Democrats in control of both chambers of Congress, which isn’t likely in 2017.

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Are Agencies Using Performance Info to Make Decisions?

Results are mixed, but strategic reviews are boosting collaboration.

The Politics of Creating A 2016 Soundtrack

It’s not easy picking a perfect presidential playlist. And it can take a lot of staffpower.

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How Hillary Clinton Helped Her Employees Manage Work-Life Balance

While secretary of state, she worked from home so that moms and dads could be with their kids on a snow day.