Trump’s Budget Cuts Could Make New York City Commuters Even More Vulnerable To Attacks

The administration wants to slash funds from urban anti-terrorism programs to fund a wall with Mexico.

Read more December 12, 2017 Leave a comment Andres Kudacki/AP

GOP Lawmakers Seek to Repeal OPM Obamacare Program

Johnson, Meadows say savings from under-utilized program could go toward retirement, security clearance backlogs.

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OPM Leadership Void Leaves Locality Pay Advisers Twisting in the Wind

Members of the Federal Salary Council have not been reappointed since Trump’s inauguration, stalling the advisory group’s work.

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How To Make Feedback a Developmental Opportunity

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure the message has been received and will be put to good use.

Excellence in Government President Trump in the Oval Office Oct. 17.

The Annual Pay Ritual Has Lost Relevance

Contrary to some reports, General Schedule employees have received competitive pay increases—but that does not mean salary levels are competitive.

Obama Treasury Department May Have Skirted Anti-Deficiency Act, Watchdog Finds

Travel office prematurely transferred reimbursement funds to offices sharing services.

Excellence in Government

Got A Boss Who Denies Reality? A Behavioral Scientist’s Guide To Tactful Truth Telling

Dealing with a co-worker or manager who says demonstrably false things can be a challenge, particularly at holiday office parties. Here's a guide to handle a colleague in denial.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told lawmakers he was committed to ensuring the agency’s scientific data is “presented openly and with integrity, and is free from political interference.”

EPA Promises Not to Silence Scientists, Pushes Review of Climate Change Assumptions

Pruitt pledges public EPA debate next year on human role in climate change.

Excellence in Government

Motivating Employees Isn't About Making Them Happy

The expectation that leaders should keep employees engaged and happy sets them up for failure.

Excellence in Government

A Psychologist Explains The Best Ways To Cope With Conflict Over The Holidays

There are dozens of holidays between now and January. Here's how to survive all that family time.

How Much Will We Find Out About Trump's Health?

The president isn’t required to undergo neurological tests or to share the results.

Lawmakers late Thursday passed a continuing resolution to keep government funded through Dec. 22.

Congress Passes Two-Week Spending Bill, but Shutdown Fears Mount

Immigration issues could derail negotiations to fund the government for the rest of fiscal 2018.

Flooding from Hurricane Harvey covers a street in Houston.

Disaster Responses Brought Out Federal Agencies’ Best, Leaders Say

Senior executives hear how SBA and Homeland Security showcased leadership principles.