Taxpayer Advocate Praises IRS for Solid Filing Season but Jabs Focus on Enforcement

Mission should stress education, Olson says, while decrying budget cuts.

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House Panel Advances Air Traffic Control Privatization Plan

Controllers union announces formal support for the proposal.

Play of the Day: McConnell Delays the Senate Health Care Vote

Also, the American Medical Association criticized the bill this week.


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Agencies Could Learn a Lot From Tennessee's Shift to Pay for Performance

The state's civil service reform efforts offer many lessons for the federal government.

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Beware the Agency Leadership Void

The Trump administration’s appointments strategy is a slow moving disaster.

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When Men Hold Top Positions, How Much Can Mentorship Help Women?

The career of one female national-security professional offers some insight.

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Forget The Insight Of A Lone Genius – Innovation Is An Evolving Process Of Trial And Error

We don't know much about the origins of most human achievements – scientific and otherwise. Like evolution, does progress occur as random insights are selected for or against?

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney said, “If no one is asking for it, maybe it doesn’t have much value to it."

Contractors Object to Parts of OMB's Agency Reporting Reductions

Some changes to requirements could cause confusion or remove useful controls, group argues.

Federal Agencies Promise 'Professional, Organized' Implementation of Trump's Travel Ban

Agencies are collaborating, but many details are still unclear for Thursday’s roll out.

Agency Jobs Watch: One Agency Confirms It Isn't Offering Buyouts Next Year

The Trump administration has instructed agencies to come up with preliminary plans by June 30.

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Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said: "The IRS needs to protect taxpayers against any abuses, but those raising objections have always opposed the program and look for ways to undermine it."

Privatized Tax Debt Collection Again Sparks Firestorm

New program, like previous efforts, faces accusations of overly aggressive tactics.