HHS Finds Taxpayers Some Help Navigating Obamacare Requirements

This is the maiden voyage for claiming the insurance premium credit.

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Joint Chiefs Warn Against Sequestration, Again

Like a tragic Greek chorus, the Joint Chiefs again warned of the dire consequences of sequestration, although Congress is unlikely to act.

Senators: Feds ‘Feel No Sense of Urgency’ About Granting Permits for Job-Creating Projects

Portman and McCaskill introduce “tripartisan” bill to streamline the permitting process.


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Excellence in Government

Getting Credit for What You Know

A range of job sectors are now offering certifications to students who pass tests that measure their competency in practical skills.

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Why Bad Bosses Sabotage Their Teams

Power-hungry leaders view their top performers as a threat, not an asset.

Lynch's Mission to Convince Congress She's Not Eric Holder Is Working

After one day of hearings, the potential attorney general is winning over some Republicans.

Obama Will Warn Republicans Against Homeland Security Shutdown

The president plans to preview his budget proposal at Democratic retreat, call for end to sequestration.

Kansas City, Missouri

The New Data-Driven Government Equation

In a guest article, Kate Bender, Deputy Performance Officer in the Kansas City, Missouri, Office of Performance Management, discusses how hard facts plus citizen perceptions leads to prosperous communities.

Consumer Agency and Financial Industry Offer Rare Display of Teamwork

Industry will help teach students and workers strategies for avoiding scams.

Loretta Lynch tells Senate: I Won't Always Agree With Obama

The administration's nominee for attorney general appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

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When the Executive Core Qualifications Aren’t Enough

A good leader needs foresight, insight and emotional intelligence.

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Process Improvement: Making the Complicated Simple

6 tips for developing methodologies as your mission unfolds.

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The Incredibly Simple Trick to Effective Work Email

Keep it in the subject line and use the word "urgent."