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To top IoT tsunami, government must strategize

The Internet of Things marks a sea change for the world, and panelists at Nextgov’s third Tech and Tequila say government should regulate to stay above water

CA Technologies Government Summit 2016 Livestream

On May 10, join CA Technologies as we convene government and industry experts to explore various proven models for your organization to proficiently embrac

Achieving Holistic Cybersecurity: 2016 Progress Report

The past few years have seen an explosion of cyber attacks, and agencies are racing to implement proactive, holistic cybersecurity measures. In order to measure changing federal perceptions and experiences regarding the present threat landscape, GBC conducted an in-depth research survey as a follow-up to a previous June 2014 study.

Digital Briefing Center: Federal IT Modernization

Welcome to GBC's new Digital Briefing Center, where we'll walk you through the basics of federal IT modernization.

Joint Enterprise Licensing Agreements

Over the last five years, the Department of Defense has aimed to create a unified, secure and reliable communications environment built on shared IT infrastructure, known as the Joint Information Environment (JIE). Innovative procurement models like JELA make it happen.

The best time to transform your network is now

No matter where they feel like they are, agencies should not and do not have to wait to start network modernization.

How your agency can make IT modernization work

No matter where they feel like they are, agencies should not and do not have to wait to start network upgrades.

Adaption and adoption: the keys to winning at cyber

Cybersecurity experts say the most important ideas are new ones.

Flash Poll Series: Cybersecurity

Last year's OPM breaches highlighted the sheer vulnerability of organization and personal data against the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks. GBC's exclusive flash poll series takes a closer look at government perspectives on organization cybersecurity.