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Identity Management: The Next Generation of Security

How robust are state and local government identity management processes? GBC investigates.

Disruption Pays Off

At a time when federal agencies face looming budget cuts, workforce reductions, and escalating pressure by lawmakers to meet public demands, the CIA's technological leap forward is a vivid illustration of one agency bucking the status quo and rising to the challenge.

Flash Poll Series: The Future of Federal Finance

Financial stakeholders in the federal government face escalating pressure to demonstrate accountability and transparency as stewards of taxpayers’ funds. It’s worth taking a step back and asking the stakeholders themselves: what would they most like to see happen in the next decade? A recent GBC flash poll looks closer.

Feds Prepare for Cyberattacks — and What Happens After

Cyberthreats are inevitable, and agencies want to have a comprehensive plan of attack for the days and hours after.

Top 5 Takeaways From KPMG's Intelligent Automation Forum

On June 6, 2017, the Government Intelligent Automation Forum united some of the top technology executives in government under one roof. Here's what GBC learned.

Using Quality as a Driver for Success

Organizations need proper training programs to ensure they provide services at a consistently high quality.

Investing in the Future: Federal Long Term Care Insurance

GBC's new survey reveals what federal employees really think about long term care insurance.

Trump’s Cyber Order Will Push Accountability, Tools That Solve Actual Security Challenges

Federal officials say that the administration’s cybersecurity push will get agency leaders involved and introduce new measures of responsibility.

The Wireless Tech Needed to Make FirstNet’s Public-Safety Network a Success

Initially, the broadband network for first responders will use traditional networking gear, but SDN and AI could enhance it in the future.

Infrastructure management and operation—Freeing agencies to execute critical missions

Federal agencies perform a wide range of missions in challenging environments. Partnering with professional companies to handle the job of managing infrastructure allows agencies to focus on their mission without distraction.