State Department Official Wants 'Frozen' to Teach Kids About Climate Change

How Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Co. could help fight global warming.

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Could Remote Testimony and ‘Legislative YouTube’ Break Down Engagement Barriers?

Constituents often have a hard time traveling to their state’s capital city but technological advances might offer solutions to connect lawmakers and residents.

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Lessons About Government Performance From Latin America

Excellence in Government

When data-driven management becomes a leadership strategy.

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The Head of American Overseas Media Picked a Fight With Russian State TV

In New York Times interview, Andrew Lack compares Russia Today to the Islamic State.

Fedblog Bob Dylan and President Obama at the White House in 2012.

Bob Dylan is Thinking About the Government

It’s not a job creator, the legendary troubador says.

Fedblog This man stands between you and the passenger sitting next to you carrying a gun.

TSA Does Its Job, Finds More Guns in Carry-ons Than Ever Before

The agency's employees found 2,212 firearms in 2014. Most were loaded.

YouTube's GloZell Asks Obama About the Castros, Who Put the 'D— in Dictatorship'

This is White House communications strategy in the 21st century.

Play of the Day: Trading Cigars and Shortstops for Type II Diabetes

The Nightly Show devotes time to the new Cuba policy.

The Pentagon Has No Idea How Many Employees It Needs

Laws capping number of employees have been waived since 2002.

Indian artist Jagjot Singh Rubal finishes a painting of Obama in preparation for the president's visit.

Obama Won't Hear Cheers in India on Afghanistan Policy

New Delhi worries about effect of U.S. military pullout in Afghanistan.

Excellence in Government

5 Strategic Planning Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

How to keep those new initiatives on track.

Excellence in Government

Attention: A Muscle to Strengthen

A doctor's recommendations for mental health evoke more philosophy than biology.