Union Official Blasts Lack of Ideological Diversity on Mediation Panel

NFFE president fears the Federal Service Impasses Panel will be slanted against workers.

Read more August 22, 2017 Leave a comment Carolyn Kaster/AP

The Upcoming Census Has Big Implications for Federal Funds Flowing to States

New research sheds light on how much money is affected by the decennial population count, which is next set to take place in 2020.

Congress Looks to Crack Down on Feds Taking Time Off to Campaign

House and Senate leaders ask agencies for data on employees taking leave for union activity.


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President Donald Trump speaks at Fort Myer in Arlington Va., on Aug. 21.

Trump’s Pivot on Afghanistan Follows Bleak Battlefield Reports

Four inspectors general describe scant progress against the Taliban.

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Fighting the Opioid Epidemic with Evidence and Innovation

How Congress and the Health and Human Services Department can reduce opioid-related deaths.

OMB Steers Agency R&D Budgets Toward Security, ‘Energy Dominance’

Fiscal 2019 initiatives should be “budget neutral” and agencies should consider private-sector solutions, guidance states.

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Google Memo Completely Misses How Implicit Biases Harm Women

Even after years of federal and state laws making discrimination illegal, implicit bias still leads to actual economic harm for women.

Will Anyone Care About Trump's Barely-Different Afghanistan War Plan?

Pull out. Stay in. Double down. It’s the military’s war until elected officials make it America’s war. And Americans won’t care by Wednesday, anyway.

Analysis: Trump Staff Still Short on Relevant Experience

The president has mostly avoided hiring aides who have worked closely with Congress or toiled in past administrations—and it shows.

Executive alleges his removal was the result of his criticism of the leadership of AFGE President J. David Cox.

AFGE Executive Fired Over Letter to Members

Union secretary-treasurer claims he was removed because he planned to challenge incumbent president.

'Every Leak Makes Us Weak' Campaign Runs Risk of Discouraging Legitimate Disclosures

Hall posters warning of insider threats aren’t nuanced enough, whistleblower advocates say.

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The 13 Questions Google Asks About Its Managers When It Gathers Employee Feedback

Workplace feedback should flow both ways. It does at Google.