Storify: Public Officials React to Obama's Immigration Address

Social media reactions to Obama's announcement, mostly along party lines.

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Obama’s Immigration Order Challenges States

Whether it was ‘dictatorial’ or ‘the right thing to do,’ officials walk a fine line in responding to the president’s move.

Big City Mayors Line Up Behind Obama’s Immigration Order

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will host at least 20 U.S. mayors at an immigration summit in December.


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"To alter or change the fee matter, it would take a change of law," said Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers.

Appropriations Chair: Immigration Order Can't be Defunded Through Spending Bill

Citizenship and Immigration Services receives most of its funding through application and petition fees.

Obama Sets Out to Change 'Broken' Immigration System On His Own

The president announced major action on immigration in an address from the White House Thursday night.

Video and Transcript: Obama Announces Immigration Plan

The president is to announced his plans to fix the American immigration system.

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Petition for an Extra Day Off at Christmas Falls Just Short of Demanding a Response

Movement comes within a few thousand signatures of the 100,000 needed to guarantee a reply from the White House.

Nothing Unites Congress Like Fighting Nazis

Lawmakers have rushed to close a loophole that allows suspected war criminals to claim millions in Social Security, but they're not going to get taxpayers' money back.

The CIA Reviewed Books About Snowden and Is Not Impressed

The spy agency describes Glenn Greenwald’s recent book as full of “bitter ad hominem rationale.”

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Video: The Case for Napping at Work

The Atlantic's James Hamblin makes the argument for a siesta at the workplace.

Pelosi Compares Obama Immigration Order to Emancipation Proclamation

The Democratic leader accuses GOP foes of having very short memories when it comes to executive action.