IRS Whistleblower Program Makes Money But May Be Underfunded

GAO calls for improvements to streamline operations and further reduce tax gap.

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TSP Funds Mostly Positive in November

The funds invested in international stocks and fixed income bonds were the only offerings in the red.

Delaware Divvies Up Seized Assets Without Oversight; South Dakota Preps for More Overdoses

Also: Pennsylvania leads successful veterans courts movement and Florida cities demand control over fracking and effective leadership on climate change.


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Are Millennials Bad Employees?

The generation has been called entitled and narcissistic. Their bosses disagree

As Clinton Releases Infrastructure Plan, Congress Wrestles With Its Own Bill

Clinton’s tax-reform plan might seem ideal, but Congress is stuck with a pay-for patchwork.

White House Refuses to Rank Terrorism vs. Global Warming

A senior adviser to President Obama declined to say which of the two threats was more important.

Congress's AUMF Debate in the Wake of the Paris Terrorist Attacks

The Paris attacks have brought new proposals, but legislators seem no closer to passing a resolution.

Excellence in Government

The Never-Ending Appeals Process at VA Hurts All Vets

Is infinity the right number to allow? Probably not.

Play of the Day: Donald Trump is Just Confusing Some Things

The Daily Show looks at some of the candidate's recent claims.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., joined three other Republicans in making the request.

Lawmakers Ask If Policy Limiting ‘Burrowing In’ Of Political Appointees Has Worked

GAO's last study of the practice was released more than five years ago.

Bay Area, D.C. Feds to Receive the Largest Pay Raises Next Year

Obama issues 2016 locality pay rate increases, the first such raises in five years.

State Releases Another Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails

The State Department has released thousands of more pages of messages from Clinton’s time at the agency.

Obama cautioned in a speech last December that pay raises would not likely be part of his changes to the SES.

Expect More Rotations But No Major Pay Reforms in Obama’s SES Executive Order

Federal managers group has major issues with draft reform proposals.