Judge Tells IRS to Rethink Privacy Limits on Document Disclosure

Cause of Action calls mixed ruling a “victory for transparency advocates.”

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DHS Switches on Retooled Virtual Fence Along Arizona Border


Border Patrol has been watching videos of potentially suspicious activity from sensor-studded towers for two weeks.

What Can the Postal Service Learn from Uber?


The Office of the Inspector general suggested apps for mobile payment, and for scanning packages and paying for their pickup.

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Some at NASA want the craft to go beyond Pluto for its next mission.

NASA Proposes Next Mission for New Horizons: Beyond Pluto

2014 MU69 lives in the Kuiper Belt, a far region of the solar system that contains objects mostly made of ices

Excellence in Government

How to Quit Your Job and Keep Your Cool

Be calm and leave. Don't make a scene.

New Feds Will Default Into Riskier TSP Fund Starting Next Week

Employees will no longer be automatically enrolled in the safe but low-yield G Fund.


Poll: GOP Would Get Blame for Shutdown

More than a quarter of Americans are downright angry with the federal government.

Watchdog: Pentagon Should Integrate Military Services' Efforts at 'Better Buying Power'

Programs are often redundant while affordability studies get ignored due to fragmented governance, GAO finds.

An A-10 Warthog takes off from Al Asad Air Base in Iraq in 2007.

The Air Force is Setting Up Tests to Find the Better of Two Fighter Jets

Starting in 2018, the service will pit the A-10 against the F-35.

As New Book Arrives, Pentagon Warns Special Operators Against Leaks

Defense secretary, SOCOM remind troops to keep secrets as new details of bin Laden raid and other missions emerge.

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Agencies Should Celebrate Their Accomplishments

There is no better way to motivate high performance than making it public.

Recruits Begin a Year-Long Isolation Mission to Simulate Mars

An actual trip to the red planet for the NASA recruits could take up to three years.

Obama Restores Mount McKinley to Its Original Name of Denali

The park encompassing the mountain has been called Denali National Park since 1980.