Senate Appropriations Chief: IRS Cuts Could Have Been Much Worse

Mikulski says spending bill negotiations removed far-steeper decreases favored by the House.

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Bob Brewin, 1944-2014


The passing of a legendary reporter and a beloved colleague.

What the Intelligence Community Thought Would Happen in 2015 - in 2000

Defense One

At the turn of the century, a group of intelligence officers offered up what they thought conflict would look like in 2015 would look like. By Kedar Pavgi


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Not All Federal Employees Have the Day After Christmas Off

Postal Service workers and some in security-related jobs will have to report on Dec. 26.

North Korean soldiers march at the military parade in 2013 in Pyongyang.

North Korea Is Experiencing a Full Internet Blackout

Is this what a “proportional response” to the Sony hack looks like?

Google Reveals Government Attempt to Scrub Alleged Prisoner Abuse

The search giant’s latest transparency reports offers granular detail about the takedown requests it receives from governments around the world.

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15 Ways to Get Ready for the New Year

Some suggested reading during your holiday downtime.

EPA’s Budget Cut Shrinks Staff to Smallest Since 1989

As GOP intensifies oversight, agency vows to continue with mission.

Lockheed Martin Unit Forfeits $27.5 Million for Overbilling

Justice says contractor violated False Claims Act with underqualified workers.

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The Future of Management Training Is Simulations

Transforming the way organizations nurture talent and identify potential leaders.


Cigar Enthusiasts Champing at the Bit

Obama's move to normalize relations has opened new trade and investment possibilities.

Excellence in Government Time travel?

You Can Be Endorsed for 'Time Travel' and 'WMDs' on LinkedIn

The social network for professionals lets you endorse people for some pretty unusual skills. Here are some of them.

North Koreans participate in a military parade in 2008 in Pyongyang.

Did North Korea Really Attack Sony Pictures?

It's too early to take the federal government at its word.