John McCain Wants FIFA to Take the World Cup Away From Russia

Robert Menendez and McCain wants the world's top soccer organization to elect a president that will revoke its decision to award the 2018 tournament to Russia.

Read moreMay 26, 2015Leave a comment Alexei Nikolsky/RIA-Novosti/AP

Good Ways to Activate the Nation’s Neglected Local Cemeteries

Some examples of how the living can transform a domain of the dead into a valued community asset.

IRS Says Cybercriminals Nabbed Info on 100K Taxpayers


Agency sends warning to 200,000 taxpayers, half of whom will be credit monitored.


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Is It Possible to Lay People Off Nicely?

One company's quest to blend rejection and kindness.

USPS Suspends Remaining Facility Closures Scheduled for 2015

Postal Service declines to say if or when the consolidations will resume.

Obama Administration: 'Ambitions' of Individuals 'Have to Come Second to National Security'

White House press secretary Josh Earnest seemed to accuse Rand Paul of using the debate over the Patriot Act's sunsetting spying powers to bolster his presidential campaign.

Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas, sponsored the bill.

Senate Passes Bill That Would Allow More Vets Access to Private Health Care

Vets who live within 40 miles of a VA facility that doesn’t provide the care they need are eligible for the Choice program under the legislation.

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The Truth About Government Performance

What do we have to show for more than two decades of focus on results?

Hillary Clinton speaks during a roundtable Friday at Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton Is ‘Glad’ About Benghazi Email Release

But the newly public emails were far from Clinton’s top priority Friday.

National Security Agency Starts to Shut Down Mass-Spying Program

Republicans said the White House was being "disingenuous" by threatening to shutter the surveillance program.

Here Are All the Clinton Benghazi Emails the State Department Released

Having trouble with the State Department site? Here are all of the emails.