Agencies Will Have to Race the Clock to Spend Massive Influx of Money

Agencies are "scrambling" with "every facet" feeling pressure, former federal budgeters say.

U.S. Customs Wants to Use Your Face As a Boarding Pass


By 2022, the agency plans to use biometrics to identify 97 percent of travelers flying out of the country.


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Mueller’s Latest Plea Deal Puts Pressure on Paul Manafort

On Tuesday, Alex Van Der Zwaan, a lawyer who helped produce a report at Manafort’s behest, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

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Performance Management is Not a Contest

The administration is sending the wrong message with its fund for targeted pay incentives.

OPM Confirms Back Pay for Feds Affected by Latest Shutdown

Memo continues pay freeze for top political officials until March.

Excellence in Government Troops march across the Memorial Bridge towards the Pentagon during 1991 National Victory Celebration Parade in Washington. It was the largest U.S. military parade since World War II.

Trump’s Proposed Military Parade Already Needs an Audit

The full costs won't be known until long after the confetti has been cleaned from the streets.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney testifies on Capitol Hill last week on the Trump administration's budget request.

Budget Director Picks Fight on Spending 'Gimmicks' Called CHIMPs

Mulvaney asks House Speaker Ryan for process reforms to bring more spending under budget caps.

Passengers from international flights pass through a TSA checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

TSA's Facial Recognition Pilot Program May Make Travel Worse for Ethnic Minorities

Program could make travel simpler for some, but more complicated for others.

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Go to Sleep: Why All-Nighters Don't Work

Want to ace that day tomorrow? Here's a tip: put down the coffee and get some sleep.

A CDC scientist harvests H7N9 virus that has been grown for the purpose of sharing with partner laboratories for research purposes in 2013.

Three Ways the U.S. Should Prepare For the Next Flu Pandemic

Science has come a long way in the 100 years since the worst flu pandemic in history. But that doesn't mean that the country is ready for another health disaster.

Why Trump’s Infrastructure Ambitions Are Likely to Stall

The $1.5 trillion plan he's proposing would do the most for ventures that don't really need the government's help and ignores some major obstacles to private investment.

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Going With Your Gut May Mean Harsher Moral Judgments

Imagine someone giving a gift to their partner that they originally bought for an ex. What does your gut tell you?"