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Obama's Real Job: Fundraiser in Chief

The Supreme Court's latest campaign finance decision is going to put even more pressure on the president to spend time chasing cash. Read more4:51 PM ETLeave a comment

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Play of the Day

Play of the Day gathers clips from late night and comedy television shows, ... Read more

Postal Service Woes

The Postal Service has been losing money for quite some time, with Congress ... Read more

More Than 15,000 Federal Employees Make at Least $200K arrowTop earning employees work at highly specialized agencies.

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Excellence in Government

4 Ways the Workplace Has Become More Dangerous arrowTips for preventing and handling threats and violence on the job.

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Excellence in Government

The Confidence Gap arrowEvidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. ...

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Does a Better Fate Await this Year’s Presidential Management Fellow Finalists? arrowNew hopefuls are announced as the deadline expires for the ...

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It's Hard to Know How Much Agencies Are Spending on Environmental Impact Analyses arrowGAO notes differences in efforts to weigh costs and ...

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Why a Sebelius Senate Run Could Help Republicans arrowHaving the woman who oversaw the rollout of the Affordable Care Act on the ballot could ...

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Virginia Hasn't Learned Anything From Last Year's Government Shutdown arrowThe commonwealth's current budget impasse centers around Medicaid ...

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It's Getting Easier to Find Records of Meetings Between Feds and Lobbyists arrowTransparency group praises reformatted database.

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The Fight Over the Bundy Cows Will End as Civics 101, Not Fort Sumter II arrowGovernment is bringing its legal powers to bear on rancher who ...

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Play of the Day: Your Tax Dollars at Work arrowCraig Ferguson is happy with the return on his California taxes.

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Excellence in Government

How 'Monsters, Inc.' Met Priority Goals arrowWhat agencies can learn from Pixar about effective progress reviews.

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Biden, Survivors Pay Tribute on Anniversary of Boston Marathon Bombings arrowVice president says recovery has been inspirational.

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