House Decides It Should Be a Lot Easier for VA to Fire Employees

Legislation passed Wednesday also includes several provisions affecting senior executives’ pay and benefits.

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Using Predictive Analytics, Chicago Is a Trailblazer for Health Code Inspections

Harnessing municipal data, it’s easier to prioritize where to concentrate inspection efforts. And GitHub makes it easier for other cities to use the city’s model.

How Can Local Governments Help California’s Farmers Save Water?

Agricultural interests insist they’re doing their part but most growers don’t use efficient drip agriculture and several counties have banned drought-tolerant crops.


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EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said the agency did enough to discipline the alleged predator.

Did the EPA Cover Up a 'Predator Who Was Fed a Steady Diet of Interns?’

Lawmakers call again for faster firing of misbehaving feds.

Cecil runs in Hwange National Park in 2014.

Fish and Wildlife Says it is ‘Deeply Concerned’ with Killing of Cecil the Lion

The agency says it’s ready to assist officials in Zimbabwe after the death of the big cat.

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Study: Rudeness Is Contagious

It's not your fault: A new report shows that one can uncivil behavior from others.

U.S. Army Pfc. Dean Werner, 1-1 Air Defense Artillery, Charley Battery Patriot Missile operator, simulates unlocking the launcher caps during a field training exercise in 2011.

Saudi Arabia Wants 600 Patriot Missiles in Response to the Iran Deal

The Kingdom’s request for additional interceptors could be the first of many new Mideast arms purchases aimed at warding off Iranian missiles.

Denise Turner Roth has said her priorities include forming “proactive partnerships” with agencies.

Senate Panel Easily Approves Nominee to Head GSA

Vote for acting chief Denise Turner Roth is unanimous.

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Investing in Your Personal ROI Without Being Self-Centered

As a leader, you should fill your own learning gaps first.

"I'm sad to say I don't think that's going to happen," Majority Whip John Cornyn said Tuesday about a vote on the CISA bill. "I think we're just running out of time."

Senate Cybersecurity Plan Faces Hurdles

Significant issues remain for the proposed cybersecurity legislation, which is competing with at least two other issues for a vote before recess.

Sen. John Hoeven, a Republican from North Dakota, is working on a bill but says he has to figure out how to write it to attract a Democratic cosponsor.

A Fight is Growing Over Food Labels

The battles over country-of-origin and GMO labels have intensified in Congress this summer.

Clinton Says She Has ‘Doubts’ About Drilling in Arctic Waters

Her latest statement on drilling shows a split from Obama over offshore exploration.