White House Touts Regulatory Neighborliness With Canada

The goal is to reduce economic barriers.

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Journalist Steven Sotloff Beheaded

Defense One

As they warned they would, Islamic State fighters beheaded American Steven Sotloff, says intel group. By Kevin Baron

Maine Wildlife Officials Want to Scuttle Bear-Hunting Referendum

State says Question 1 would ‘cripple’ its ability to control the bear population.


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Excellence in Government

Risk Management: Creating Organizational Self-Defense

How to head off problems before they become a full-blown agency scandal.

TSP Gains in August

All the funds except for international stocks posted positive returns last month.

Is this the White House's farm team?

The White House’s Roster is Starting to Resemble Google’s List of Former Employees

Obama administration is looking to another pool of private-sector talent to boost the staff.

The damage is shown near a building on the US embassy complex in Tripoli Monday.

Libyan Militia Now Controls U.S. Embassy Compound in Tripoli

A Libyan militia group says it has "secured" a U.S. Embassy compound in Tripoli, with the hope that foreign diplomats will return to their posts.

Excellence in Government

To Be More Productive at Work, Put a Plant on Your Desk

The greening of offices that had previously been “lean” was associated with a 15% increase in productivity.

Buckets of Ice Water Brought in More ALS Funding in 30 Days Than the Government Did in a Year

Donors around the world gave more than $100 million in the past month through the Ice Bucket Challenge.

National Guard Turns to Food Banks Because Rick Perry Hasn't Paid Them

The National Guard troops Texas Gov. Rick Perry ordered to the U.S. Mexico border last month are using food and gas aid from a local food bank because they haven't been paid in weeks.

Obama Issues Plan to Give Feds a 1 Percent Pay Raise

The president issued an alternative pay plan late Friday, setting an across-the-board increase for civilian federal employees of 1 percent in 2015.

The Federal Agencies Most Often Accused of Discrimination

The Labor Department was at the top of the list for Cabinet-level agencies.