FDA Report Shows The Most Common Sources of Food Poisoning

Around 48 million people who get foodborne illnesses in the United States each year.

Read moreMarch 3, 2015Leave a comment Alias Studiot Oy/

Rollout of New CIO Powers Could be 'Uneven,' DOJ CIO Says


At a recent conference, Justice Department Chief Information Officer Joe Klimavicz said some agencies will be quicker to enact the federal IT reform.

Think Tanks’ New Data Tool Details U.S. State Population Trends

The new “States of Change” report documents dramatic shifts in America’s demographic future.


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IQs Are Higher Because We’re Better at Taking Tests

IQ scores are increasing, but that doesn't mean people are becoming more intelligent.

Andrew Lack was on the job just 40 days.

New Broadcast Board CEO Bails After Just Six Weeks

Andy Lack says he’ll take a job at NBC, blogger reports.

House Speaker John Boehner arrives for Tuesday's vote on the funding bill.

No Shutdown: DHS Stalemate Finally Ends

In "unmitigated loss for conservatives," House approves bill to fund the department for the fiscal year.

White House: Don’t Ask Us About Hillary Clinton’s Email Use

Josh Earnest said Tuesday that it’s up to the State Department to handle how its employees use email correspondence to conduct official work.

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Lawmakers Look to Give More Postal Employees Appeal Rights

Postal group says bill would fix misunderstanding from 1987.

Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton working aboard a C-17 aircraft bound for Libya in 2011.

Hillary Clinton Not Alone in Using Private Emails to Govern

Government Executive survey shows a third of high-level executives see it done.

VA chief Bob McDonald would need to publish regulations describing the bonus rescission process so that employees know their rights.

House Passes Bill Allowing VA Secretary to Claw Back Bonuses

Legislation allows employees to ask for a third-party review of secretary’s decision.

GOP Leaders Will Allow Clean DHS Vote, Possibly Ending Impasse

Over conservatives' objections, Republicans will let a measure come to the floor that doesn't block Obama's immigration actions.

Play of the Day: Jim Inhofe Has a Secret Weapon to Disprove Global Warming

The Oklahoman brought a snowball to the Capitol and waved it around.