House Republicans Express Concern With Trump's Proposed Federal Retirement Program Cuts

Nine Republicans say they are particularly troubled with idea of applying the cuts to current employees and retirees, not just future hires.

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Consumers Think The Government’s Voice Should Be Female


People would use a government version of Siri or Alexa as long as it sounded human, a new survey shows.

Officials: Controversial Surveillance Law Helped Stop Smartphone Attack


Intelligence officials declined to reveal how many Americans have been scooped up by FISA section 702 programs.


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OMB Director Mick Mulvaney said, “If no one is asking for it, maybe it doesn’t have much value to it."

Contractors Object to Parts of OMB's Agency Reporting Reductions

Some changes to requirements could cause confusion or remove useful controls, group argues.

Federal Agencies Promise 'Professional, Organized' Implementation of Trump's Travel Ban

Agencies are collaborating, but many details are still unclear for Thursday’s roll out.

Agency Jobs Watch: One Agency Confirms It Isn't Offering Buyouts Next Year

The Trump administration has instructed agencies to come up with preliminary plans by June 30.

Excellence in Government
Excellence in Government

The Military Declares War on Sprawl

The Pentagon thinks better designed, more walkable bases can help curb obesity and improve troops’ fitness.

Play of the Day: Sketches of the White House Press Briefings

Cameras are not allowed, so artists are now relaying what the White House Press Room looks like.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said: "The IRS needs to protect taxpayers against any abuses, but those raising objections have always opposed the program and look for ways to undermine it."

Privatized Tax Debt Collection Again Sparks Firestorm

New program, like previous efforts, faces accusations of overly aggressive tactics.

Excellence in Government

Why Is the Onus on Women to Curb Workplace Interruptions?

Some businesses are actively taking steps to solve a problem that is too often left to female employees.

After the Senate Watergate Committee hearings concluded on Friday, August 3,1973, Senators and counsel held a session. From left are Senator Sam J. Ervin, Sam Dash, Senator Lowell P. Weicker, Senator Howard H. Baker, and the author.

Watergate Lawyer: The Trump Administration Would Fire Mueller 'At Their Peril'

Rufus Edmisten reflects on his time working on the Senate Watergate Committee.