The FBI's Strategy to End the Oregon Standoff and Get Cliven Bundy: Patience

The bureau successfully played the long game in both cases.

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Presidential Hopefuls Rip Wasteful Bureaucracy--and That’s Just the Democrats


Clinton and Sanders address the question of what, if anything, they’d cut from government.

Hillary Clinton's Long Career as an Insider

On Politics

Many think Clinton was a onetime leftist radical who morphed into a centrist to gain power. But she has always been a true incrementalist and compromiser.


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Excellence in Government

The Never-Ending War on Federal Whistleblowers

Those who try to report and fix problems at their agencies are still risking their careers.

John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov address the media Friday.

A Planned 'Cessation of Hostilities' in Syria

The fighting in Syria will pause next week and aid will be delivered to those who need it most—under a deal announced Friday.

Play of the Day: Jeb Bush is Not a Tough Guy

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers joke about the Floridian's feud with Donald Trump.

Excellence in Government

What’s Really Behind Why Women Earn Less Than Men?

Once it was because they weren’t as well educated. What’s holding them back now?

11 Major Agency Reforms in Obama’s Budget

Not everything the president’s blueprint is unachievable.

Karl Rove attends a 2012 White House ceremony to unveil portraits of former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush.

Was the IRS Bullied Into Giving Karl Rove’s Group Tax-Exempt Status?

The agency's ruling on Crossroads GPS prompts an outcry.

 Joe Biden, left, gestures while speaking with Dr. Bruce L. Levine PH.D., center, and Dr. Carl H. June M.D., in the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania in January.

What Is the Point of Joe Biden's Cancer 'Moonshot'?

The vice president has launched an effort to “end cancer,” but the White House is only asking for $1 billion.

Senator objects to Congress' classification as a large employer for tax forms and a small one for Obamacare purposes.

Oops. Did the IRS Send Capitol Hill Staff the Wrong Tax Form?

Senator Vitter sends commissioner complaint as part of challenge to OPM Obamacare rule.

Excellence in Government

Effective Leaders Know How to Focus on the Future

Fortunately, strategic foresight is a measurable activity.

VA Secretary Bob McDonald testifies before the House Veterans' Affairs Committee Wednesday on the department's budget request.

VA Proposes Taking Away Senior Executives’ MSPB Appeal Rights

Department’s about-face on authority to discipline top career officials comes after judges reverse two demotions and a firing.