It's Unclear Whether New Law and Push from Trump Have Increased VA Firings

Internal department data show an increase but public data show a drop off.

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Defense Department Halts Electronic Health Records Rollout


During an eight-week pause, the department will assess the program's successes and failures so far.

Governors Press for Exemptions From Expanded Offshore Drilling

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has gone silent after excluding Florida from a draft lease sales plan, but letters criticizing that decision’s “arbitrary” nature keep coming in.


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Trump Continues to Set Records for Agency Vacancies

Less than 40 percent of key Senate-confirmed appointments have a nominee.

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said that with the rhetoric "amped up on both sides," a shutdown is likely, though not desirable.

Senate Democrat: Shutdown 'More Likely Than Not'

Reported White House resistance to a bipartisan DACA deal imperils budget talks.

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Why You Should Stop Interrupting People and Become a Generative Listener

Many of us don’t know how to listen, or don’t care.

Just One in Six Feds Say They’re Excited to Implement Trump's Agenda

Most feds report feeling disrespected by the president and many say they are leaving federal service soon.

First Lt. Pamela Blanco-Coca and 2nd Lt. John Anderson simulate key turns of the Minuteman III ICBM in a Launch Control Center on the F.E. Warren Air Force Base Missile Complex in Wyoming.

Nuclear Command Network Would See Comprehensive Upgrade Under Trump Plan

While the ICBMs, bombers, submarines and cruise missiles get lots of attention, the network connecting them also needs updating.

Can Government Officials Have You Arrested for Speaking to Them?

The Supreme Court faces a test of the authority of politicians to use police to silence their critics.

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Misery Loves Bureaucracy: Why Technology Hasn’t Saved Government

Information-sharing tools work best in a culture of openness and collaboration.

Excellence in Government "Workers Leaving the Factory," 1903 by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen.

If Work Dominated Your Every Moment, Would Life Be Worth Living?

We are on the verge of total work’s realization.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaks with reporters during a White House press briefing Thursday.

IRS Plunges Into Tax Law Changes Even as Its Budget Remains Shaky

Taxpayer Advocate slams funding and low returns from new private collection effort.

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I'm A Recruiter. Here Are The Questions I Hear Most Often From Job Candidates

Most of the answers aren't in your job description—but they should be.