Postal Unions Extend Deadline to Avoid Impasse in Labor Talks

Groups are fighting for better pay and "work culture."

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The Unlikely Threat Posed By Hacked Medical Devices at the VA


Most medical device manufacturers do not have the know-how or tools to patch vulnerabilities in devices quickly.

Federal CIO on IT Upgrade Fund: ‘The Bigger Risk is Not Doing Anything’


There is bipartisan dismay at the age of some critical IT systems that house everything from taxpayer data to benefits claims.


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Pay & Benefits Watch

The New Special Operations Commander Wants to Predict the Future

With so many elite troops fighting ‘an extremist phenomenon that’s gone rabid’ in failed states, Gen. Tony Thomas wants to get his operators ahead of the curve.

White House Transition Survivors Regret Neglecting Congress

The candidates’ teams must begin now to prepare for the next crisis.

"It’s trying to align incentives in the government the way we do in the private marketplace," said Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Want a $10,000 Bonus? Start Looking for Ways to Cut Waste in Your Department

Bipartisan bill that would reward feds who save the government money advances in the Senate.

Passengers wait in a screening line at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Does TSA Have Itself to Blame for Its Current Crisis?

The agency's own budget requests have fallen precipitously in recent years.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton checks her Blackberry from a desk inside a C-17 military plane bound for Tripoli, Libya.

State IG: Clinton Ignored Department Protocol in Using Private Email Server

Audit found no evidence the former secretary of State ever sought approval for her email practices.

Excellence in Government

Mad Max or Shining City on a Hill: Where Are We Headed?

An “alternative futures” exercise for the next administration.

The Postal Service Wants to Start Using Blockchain Technology

Banks are using blockchain tech to revamp financial services. and now USPS wants in.

The Nightmare Stealth Bike from LSA Autonomy

The Military’s New Stealth Motorbikes Are Coming

These motorcycles of the future are turning heads at special operations conference in Florida.

On Politics

Obama Floats Above the Malaise in His Job Approval Ratings

Ratings reach two-year highs even though most voters think the country is headed on the wrong track.