Leaked Compensation Proposals Could Have ‘Huge’ Repercussions for Civil Service

Advocates, observers fear a degradation in the government’s recruitment abilities.

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HUD Offers an Update on $7.4 Billion in Disaster Grant Funding

The agency also announced it will funnel about $58 million to the state of Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

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Is the Intel Community’s Whistleblower Outreach Being Shut Down?

Ombudsman Meyer appears sidelined, though his past IG bosses praise him.

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The White House Held a Party For Its DHS Nominee, Then Sent the Agency the Bill

Cabinet heads and corporate lobbyists gathered to celebrate Kirstjen Nielsen.

Republicans Rally Around Raising the Deficit

The Senate’s passage of a budget resolution on Thursday night was a victory for party unity, but a defeat for the GOP’s remaining fiscal hawks.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said "swift and forceful accountability is warranted and required" for federal employees who engage in sexual misconduct.

Federal Agencies Deal With Sexual Misconduct Inconsistently

House GOP report says agencies are failing to provide a "protected working environment."

Somali soldiers pass burning vehicles outside Midnimo mall after a car bomb attack on a popular mall in Mogadishu earlier this summer.

This Technology Could Help Solve IED Detection — And Airport Security Too

New radio-wave sensors are designed to suss out hidden explosives —whether in car bombs or carry-on laptops.

Analysis: The Anguish of John Kelly

The White House chief of staff decried the desacralization of military deaths—but it was the president he serves who politicized condolence calls.

Excellence in Government

Don’t Wait to Be Asked: Lead

A roadmap for increasing your influence at work.

President Donald Tr, ... ]

Play of the Day: Trump's Condolence Calls

The president is involved in yet another controversy.

Postal Service Asks Employees to Volunteer to Relocate to Puerto Rico

The agency will not provide any travel or lodging reimbursements.

Report: White House Officials Backed 2019 Pay Freeze, $300 Billion in Cuts to Employee Compensation

Memo leaked to liberal news site also proposes eliminating FERS defined benefit program and retiree health benefits for new hires.

Retirement Planning