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WHO: Coffee Is Good For You

The idea that our favorite indulgences might actually be good for us is a long-standing and beloved narrative. It’s why people adore stories about centenarians who attribute their longevity to a daily glass of whiskey, or the idea that cheese is what makes French people slim.

It’s likely, then, that the World Health Organization’s announcement Wednesday that regularly drinking coffee may prevent cancer will be met with similar jubilation by the well-caffeinated set. After all, the conclusion represents a rare reversal from the organization’s position 25 years ago, when it cautioned that coffee was possibly carcinogenic.

Too-hot coffee, or any other beverage for that matter, is still believed to cause cancer, the WHO points out. That’s based on studies that have found an association between drinking very hot coffee—close to 160 Fahrenheit—and esophageal cancer. According to The Wall Street Journal, this is “roughly 10 degrees hotter than people in the U.S., U.K. and Europe are accustomed to drinking coffee or tea,” and more consistent with the temperatures of tea or maté served in China and South America.

But the back-and-forth on coffee more broadly, and in particular the question of whether...

If You’re Looking For a Job, Don't Ask Your Friends

Many people claim to have a broad social circle, but we are all more likely to consider only a handful of people as our “close” friends. These are the ones we turn to when we want advice or company. More importantly though, friends like these can give empathy and support at a time of need. Finding yourself out of work involuntarily is clearly just such a moment, and so naturally, you turn to your closest friends for help getting back in the job market. That’s what friends are for, right?

Well, maybe not. Contrary to received wisdom, most social science research suggests that you are better off scrolling down the contacts’ list on your smartphone (or flicking through the pages of an old phonebook) to contact those outside your inner circle—acquaintances, if you will. Success with a job or career search seems to work better this way. But why?

Close friends (and by “close,” I mean the people you are in regular contact with) are more likely to be either colleagues or ex-colleagues of some form. Or they may live in the same place as you. In contrast, your extended network of friends is likely to be made...

If You Want To Be a Better Person, Find Something To Do Outside of Work

As a child, I watched birds. While other boys threw themselves into communal sports or sealed lifelong friendships at sleepovers, I spent my weekends alone on the quaggy, wind-barracked reaches of South Coast estuaries, or dragging my long-suffering family around the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Arundel. I pursued birdwatching with the bloody single-mindedness that only a child can muster, and my life, and the lives of those around me, were shaped by my obsession.

Now, attempting to find a way to live as a thirty-something, no longer willing or able to indulge in the hedonistic follies of my twenties, birdwatching has again filled a hole in my existence. Whereas once I identified myself by what I did–my job–now I’m defined by a pursuit that is willfully unproductive.

I spend hours sitting in bird hides these days. Often I am alone; sometimes there are other birdwatchers there with whom to share brief, sublime moments of connection as a bird drifts into view, is identified, noted, and departs; once my daughter came with me, but was bored after 10 minutes, and I had to take her home. Then, alone again, I sat and watched as the hours crept...

Five Things You Need to Know About the Security Clearance Process

If you work for the government, you need to understand the security clearance process. Even if your current position doesn’t require a security clearance (and it’s hard to find one that doesn’t require at least a public trust), there’s a good chance you’ll come across clearance terminology in your workplace. Here are five things to keep in mind:

You’re not imagining it—the cleared population is shrinking. If your position used to require a clearance and now suddenly doesn’t, this point applies to you. The government’s response to insider threats was a serious crack down on access to classified information. Between 2013 and 2016 the Department of Defense reduced the number of security clearance holders by 20 percent.

Budget shortfalls can significantly impact clearance processing times. Over the past several years, navigating the security clearance process has become a roller coaster ride. A number of things can impact the speed of security clearance investigations, and budgets are just one of them. This month the Department of Defense Central Adjudicative Facility confirmed budget issues are causing clearance delays. The issue? A persistent backlog over the past several years has made it hard for...

An Inability to Form a Routine is a Warning Sign That Something Deeper is Wrong

This question originally appeared on QuoraHow did you overcome your work routine? Don’t you feel that your life is just one infinitely repeated day? Answer by Michael Kilcoyne.

This was my routine before work:

  • Wake up at 2am in a complete panic.
  • Fail to go back to sleep for another two or three hours.
  • Force myself to get out of bed at around 6:30-7ish, because I had to.

During the subway ride in:

  • Run through all of the worst-case scenarios that were slowly playing out in my mind about what would happen if I got fired today/tomorrow.
  • Imagine all of my potential sales calls ending in: STOP CALLING ME! PLEASE DIE!
  • Have an utterly crippling sense of dread overcome me before I even step into the office and make a single call.

Throughout the day:

  • Fight the urge to vomit onto my desk due to sheer panic.
  • Force self to make calls because if I don’t I will get fired.
  • Make some calls. Eventually, talk to somebody who sounds like they’re ready to buy.
  • Completely whiff the opportunity, slam the phone down on your desk, yell out (or, at least, emote), storm out of...

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