Chickens in the Hallway—Video

What do chickens in a hallway have to do with achieving excellence in government? According to Accenture’s David Moskovitz, a lot more than you might think. Watch “Chickens in the Hallways” to hear the story of how a call into New York City’s 311 system crystallized Moskovitz’s view on all that’s good about government.

In Moskovitz’s keynote speech at a recent Efficiency in Government conference, he went on to discuss how inspired he is by leaders with bold ideas, public sector workers who implement ideas and vision with passion, the right tools, the right mindset, and most importantly, the ability to fundamentally shift the way government interacts with its citizens in a way to improve outcomes.

Yet despite Moskovitz’s optimism, the reality is that government is not always perceived in the same way. In fact, a recent poll by the Associated Press found that seven in 10 Americans surveyed were not confident in the ability of the federal government to make progress on the most important issues that face the country. In another poll, only 12 percent said they were content with government, while 85 percent were angry or frustrated with it. Perhaps most eye-opening, however, is that survey after survey shows youth feel government is ineffective and unresponsive.

So, what can government leaders do to change these perceptions? Watch this video to find out the tough questions agencies should be asking themselves and the mindset leaders should embody to demonstrate the true power of government to citizens.