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Ensuring Security in Health IT

March 26, 2014 How can agencies already undergoing significant transitions ensure and plan security at the same time? On March 26th, we will discuss solutions to current and potential risks with industry analysts and government professionals. Join us to learn about:

Identity Management: Finding the Balance between Access and Security

March 25, 2014 Has it been too long since the last major calls for updated identity management technology? Should agencies reconsider their methods when adopting new schemes? On Tuesday, March 25th, Nextgov will host a discussion on these priorities and issues.

Ensuring Defense Contractor Accountability

March 18, 2014 Few defense agencies will be able to avoid making difficult personnel cuts as the Pentagon struggles to meet budget reduction requirements and prepares for an era of leaner military might. To mitigate the consequences of these cuts and ensure they fall fairly on both federal employees and contracted personnel, defense agencies are seeking a total view of their resources.

Developments and Initiatives in the Security Clearance Process

March 6, 2014 With the Intelligence Community under extraordinary scrutiny and calls from Congress and the American public to reform security clearance processes, industry leaders and policymakers are seeking ways to improve the evaluations and processes that give cleared employees access to sensitive personal and national security information. On Thursday, March 6, join INSA and Government Executive Media Group to learn about: Progress made in implementing security reforms, Emerging trends in the security clearance process, and Leveraging existing technology for innovative security enhancements.

Prioritizing Cyber Threats: What You Need to Know Before Your Agency's Next Breach

February 19, 2014

On Wednesday, Feb. 19, join us to learn just that. In a live broadcast event interview with Nextgov Executive Editor Katherine McIntire Peters, Brooking's Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence Director Peter W. Singer will discuss his new book, "Cybersecurity and CyberWar: What Everyone Needs to Know," and the threats to government networks. 

Next-Gen Desktop Virtualization for Federal Government

February 11, 2014 A shocking 8 out of 10 government virtualization initiatives fall short of initial vision or fail entirely, but these failed deployments are not the result of the virtualization software. Initiatives often fall victim to unforeseen hazards directly related to unwieldy, expensive, and over complicated virtualization infrastructure. On February 11, tune in to hear two experts discuss ways to make any desktop virtualization project simpler to scale, easier to manage, and more cost-effective.

The Insider Threat: Protecting Data and Managing Risk

February 11, 2014 How can your agency get ahead of an insider threat before it happens? Join Nextgov for a critical conversation with Defense cyber risk management and counterintelligence executive Mark Nehmer.

Beyond Mobile: Arming DoD for the Future

February 6, 2014 Join us for a live broadcast conversation between Kaufman and Defense One Executive Editor Kevin Baron as they discuss new possibilities for defense technology.

Tapping Mobile Technology to Improve Operations

December 18, 2013 On Wednesday Dec. 18, join Equal Employment Opportunity Commission CIO Kimberly Hancher, a 2013 winner of the Nextgov Bold Awards, to hear how she overcame security challenges and workplace cultural barriers to implement a program that allows agency employees to use their own mobile devices for government work.

Forecasting Fraud with Predictive Analytics

December 17, 2013 Since the implementation of charge card programs in federal agencies, they become popular targets for government watchdogs and critics. Several recent high profile scandals have brought charge card programs under scrutiny. However, charge cards are tools that enable operational efficiency in federal agencies, simplifying small purchases ranging from travel needs to office supplies.