Big Data: Anticipating The Next DOD Insider Threat


Join Defense One Live for a discussion on correlating and contextualizing the world reality in organizational knowledge, given the explosion in information sources to internalize and exploit.

  • Where Cloud Computing Meets Mission: Maximizing the Cloud's Potential

    Tuesday, July 21, 2015 08:00 AM-10:15 AM ET arrow In the coming fiscal year, the White House expects the federal government to spend some $7.5 billion on provisioned services like cloud computing. Four years removed from the unveiling of the Cloud First strategy, the question today isn’t whether agencies will transition services and critical systems to cloud, it’s when. Maximizing investment in the cloud requires a strategy that factors in risk, security, cost, agility and a hard assessment of what cloud computing will really do for the mission. Register
  • Nextgov Prime

    Wednesday, September 09, 2015 08:00 AM-05:00 PM ET NEXTGOVarrow The mission of Nextgov Prime is to provide today’s and tomorrow’s federal IT decision-makers and influencers with insight into technological innovations to improve how the government works. Prime will convene technology CXOs, innovators and thought leaders to explore ideas and discuss solutions to current challenges and critical issues in the government of tomorrow. Register
  • How to Authenticate E-Signatures in Government

    Thursday, July 09, 2015 02:00 PM-03:00 PM ET arrow

    ESignature technology is providing the public sector with the speed and agility of the private sector while maintaining heightened security at a low cost. Reserve your spot now for the July 9 digital webcast to learn how your agency can benefit with eSignaturetechnology. 

  • The Agile Cloud - Is your cloud accelerating the delivery of new services?

    Tuesday, July 14, 2015 02:00 PM-03:00 PM ET arrow

    By the end of 2015, 61 percent of organizations will be using a Hybrid Cloud environment across both the private and public sectors.

    With each approaching year government agencies have increasing resources, applications, services and data residing on different platforms.

    Get organized and begin streamlining your processes today by reserving your spot for this live digital event.

  • Shoring Up the Government’s Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

    Thursday, July 16, 2015 02:00 PM-02:00 PM ET NEXTGOVarrow Join Nextgov for a discussion on how can agencies can best protect their systems against threats, appropriately communicate threats when they’re discovered and keep eyes on the cybersecurity landscape as a whole. Register

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  • Modern Data Storage Strategies for Government

    June 30, 2015NEXTGOVarrow Join Nextgov for a discussion on data storage strategies, and their importance in transforming a plodding agency into a modern, adaptable organization that makes the most efficient use of its data and resources.
  • Improvise, Adapt and Overcome Federal Healthcare Challenges with Analytics

    June 25, 2015IBMarrow

    Please join us for an interactive discussion where subject matter experts and industry leaders will show you how to manage the healthcare data explosion to support your mission needs and business challenges. 

  • Defending U.S. Critical Infrastructure

    June 24, 2015GBCarrow Join Government Business Council, in conjunction with partners at CDW-G and Palo Alto Networks, for a panel discussion on the evolving threats to U.S. critical infrastructure and the federal government’s role in countering them.