Government Analytics Forum 2015

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IBM MAY 5, 2015

Plan to attend the Government Analytics Forum 2015 where experienced members of the data analysis community will gather to share best practices for Driving Mission Objectives with Informed Decisions. With a focus on security, efficiency, and optimizing available resources, this one day program will feature keynotes, demonstrations, and break-out sessions to help you and your colleagues explore your options for expanding and applying analytics to meet your agency mission and business objectives

  • Defense One Leadership Briefing Breakfast

    Wednesday, April 22, 2015 08:00 AM-09:10 AM ET DEFENSE ONEarrow Gen. Mark Welsh, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, will join Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One Global Business Reporter for a conversation about the "State of the Air Force." The discussion will explore core missions, readiness and the role of the Air Force in the campaign against ISIS. Register
  • Federal Innovation: Doing It Better

    Thursday, April 09, 2015 02:00 PM-03:00 PM ET arrow What’s hindering Innovation in federal agencies? Leadership. Sixty percent of federal employees cite lack of leadership within their agency as the main deterrence in adopting new ideas. Register and watch this viewcast to gain the tools necessary to become a successful federal Innovator. Register

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  • Decision Optimization for Advanced Planning and Scheduling

    March 26, 2015IBMarrow These days, federal leadership is faced with significantly more complex problems, managing a few critical resources while trying to conform to policies and regulations and maintain efficiency. In most cases, the final plan is completed through time consuming manual efforts just ahead of a deadline with little opportunity for what-if analysis, validation, and justification. Traditional advanced analytics and decision management have always enjoyed an important synergy in delivering value in tackling these challenges. So what if we could now optimize those recommended and prioritized decisions and processes through advanced analytics? A decision optimization platform offers planners the chance to centralize critical input data, visualize what is happening, consider automated recommendations, and engage in valuable what-if analysis.
  • Building Meaningful Dialogue, Engagement and Self-Service with Citizens

    March 25, 2015ADOBEarrow As information drives consumers, their expectations grow. It’s not enough for consumers to access information, they want their experience with government to be both online and interactive. Consumers are rapidly beginning to demand that government offer the same capabilities of leading banks and commercial service companies with high competency and efficiency. Consumers want to, not only, transact and receive services from government online, they want to be included in the wider dialogue. However, traditional means of communication (e.g., printed brochures, rallies, in-person meetings) no longer satisfy or appeal to these technology-savvy consumers. So there’s an urgent need for emerging digital solutions that can provide establishments with effective tools to integrate traditional information vehicles with cohesive, multichannel public engagement strategies. These proven digital solutions will successfully help government entities to build awareness, increase and streamline services participation, and establish meaningful dialogue with their consumers.
  • Human Capital Management and Workforce Planning

    March 19, 2015IBMarrow Take advantage of the latest technological developments and integration of advanced analytics, forecasting and an enterprise ready reporting platform with your workforce planning solution. Enhance the HR decision making process by accessing more current information and providing more accurate forecasts and real -time modeling. Manage this process centrally with self-service analytics for the HR professional.