The FBI's ViCAP Database Could Catch Rapists, But It's Largely Unused

Three decades after the FBI launched a revolutionary system to catch repeat offenders, it barely has any data.

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Clinton Will Testify in Front of the House Benghazi Committee

The GOP-led panel said the former State Department chief's public appearance in October has been finalized.

Saudi Arabia Wants 600 Patriot Missiles in Response to the Iran Deal

The Kingdom’s request for additional interceptors could be the first of many new Mideast arms purchases aimed at warding off Iranian missiles.


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UPDATED: Leidos Wins Massive Pentagon Health Care Records Contract

The Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization contract’s base value is $4.3 billion over 10 years, with an expected 18-year lifecycle value of $9 billion.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said he would like "to learn why this half-billion-dollar project was greenlighted even though a more cost-effective alternative was available."

State Department Plan for Training Center Draws Senatorial Flak

Echoes of Benghazi are heard in debate over duplicative costs.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., has railed against the information-sharing legislation passed out of the Senate Intelligence Committee as a "surveillance bill by another name."

What is in the Justice’s Cybersecurity Memo?

Despite calls for its release, the government will not make public a memo that Sen. Ron Wyden says is crucial to the Senate’s cybersecurity debate.

A microbiologist at Life Sciences Test Facility at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, works in a specialized airtight enclosure designed for use with deadly agents.

You're Safe-ish from Anthrax, For Now

Pentagon investigation into accidental anthrax shipments blames bad processes for killing spores.

Justice IG Michael Horowitz strongly disagrees with the opinion.

Inspectors General Lose Bid to Expand Access to Agency Documents

Justice Department's opinion interprets statute as protecting grand jury, wiretap and credit information.

"The administration is in fact in the final stages of drafting a plan to safely and responsibly close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and to present that plan to Congress," Josh Earnest said.

Obama Administration Says It's In Final Stages of Drafting Plan to Close Guantanamo

Press secretary Josh Earnest also told reporters Wednesday that if a major defense bill included a provision to prevent closing the prison, Obama would veto it.

Army Chief Nominee Supports Arming Recruiters

Gen. Mark Milley, Obama’s nominee to become Army chief of staff, says measures are being taken to protect recruiters, like the ones targeted in the Chattanooga attack.

Martin O’Malley’s Linking of Climate Change and ISIS Isn’t As Crazy As You Might Think

Conservatives mocked the Democratic presidential candidate, but there’s evidence of a connection between drought and the Syrian civil war.