Senator Tries to Help Frustrated Military Drivers With #OopsWeLostYourCar

One senator is on a quest to help soldiers find their vehicles, which are being held up as they move overseas.

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America's Top General Says Half of Iraqi Army Is Basically Useless

Martin Dempsey says that nearly half of the Iraqi army is too heavily populated with Shiite fighters to credibly confront ISIS.

NSA Chief: Yes, We Still Have Friends

Defense One

A confident Adm. Rogers says the NSA remains popular with the people it spied on. By Patrick Tucker

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Syria Measure Likely to Pass, Despite Doubts in Both Parties

Congressional leaders are gathering votes as some members question Obama's strategy.

Gen. Martin Dempsey and Chuck Hagel testified Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

White House Blows Up General's Hypothetical ISIS Ground Force

Gen. Martin Dempsey suggested deploying ground troops to fight ISIS if airstrikes didn't work. The White House promptly slammed the door shut.

SIGAR John F. Sopko says oversight will continue even after the U.S. winds down its presence in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan IG Warns Agencies Should Brace for More Scrutiny

Reconstruction watchdog says State and USAID have misread his independent role.

Taliban Suicide Blast Near U.S. Base Kills Three Soldiers in Kabul

The car bomb was set off just a couple hundred yards from the U.S. embassy, killing three and wounding more than a dozen others.

The outbreak has hit Guinea and several other West African countries the hardest.

U.S. Sending 3,000 Troops to Help Fight Ebola

Effort could cost as much as $750 million over the next six months.

Defense One President Ronald Reagan checks his watch while talking to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in the White House.

Why John Bolton’s Dangerous Call to Nuclear Arms Makes No Sense

John Bolton doesn’t know better than Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. By Joe Cirincione

Most Americans Believe in Obama's ISIS Plan, but Not in Him

A lot Americans support President Obama's plan to attack the Islamic State, even though a majority of Americans don't think it will work.


VA Lays Groundwork for Private Health Care

The agency wants the private sector to manage a key part of project.

The Pentagon Sent Extra Military Gear to School Districts Too

A coalition of civil rights groups is asking the Defense Department to stop transfers of military equipment to school districts.

A U.S. Marine patrols a poppy field in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

One Chart Showing Every Military Pay Raise in the Last 30 Years

Congress could soon match the lowest military pay raise in recent memory.