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Data Surge and Automated Analysis: The Latest ISR Challenge

Over the past decade, the United States government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to improve its ability to collect intelligence. The sheer amount and ever-increasing sophistication of information have overwhelmed analysis systems and processes. Finding the needed analytical tools and storage is the next step in the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance revolution.


Bio Fleet

The Navy is pursuing one of the most ambitious alternative energy programs in government.


The Greenhouse Effect

EPA wins a long-fought battle over industry fuel standards, but hits roadblocks on other environmental regulations.


High Flier

Gen. James Amos is the first fighter pilot to lead the Marine Corps.


Mapping Human Terrain

Intelligence analysts are tracking the potential for poverty, extremism and pandemic disease to predict the next national security crisis.


Tweaking Technology

Chief information officers face tight budgets and apprehension in the push toward public access, data transparency and cloud computing.


Chief of the Year: Information

Christopher Smith, chief information officer, Agriculture Department.


Oil and Water

A new regulator is caught between industry and safety.


Tough summer ahead in Afghanistan, says Joint Chiefs chair

Mullen says U.S. will not send troops to Libya and vows to avoid ‘hollow’ military in times of tight budgets.


From New tools calculate your tax dollars at work

The White House joins Google contest winners to offer Web-based ways to gauge your federal contribution.


Transparency websites hit by budget ax

The deal struck to avoid a shutdown would endanger sites as, which have enjoyed bipartisan support.


From Nextgov: Agencies scamble to define critical functions

OMB warns employees not to use BlackBerrys, laptop computers and other devices during a shutdown.


White House says critical websites won’t be affected by shutdown

Confusion remains over which sites are vital and who are the ‘essential’ employees required to keep them operating.


From Furloughed feds cannot telework or use BlackBerrys

In a shutdown, Hill staffers can say goodbye to government-issued laptops, cellphones and other devices, new guidelines say.

On Defense

Pentagon Prophecies

When military spending leans more toward supply than demand.

Managing Technology

Doctors Go Digital

Stimulus payments are putting e-records within reach for many health care providers.

Pay & Benefits

Facebook-using federal managers “surge,” survey finds

Most of the government respondents who use the social networking site use it for work, the study says.


From Spending on geothermal technologies is riddled with improper payments, IG says

Audit of economic stimulus projects shows Energy paid companies for unauthorized expenses and travel.


Japanese radiation levels could have triggered larger evacuation area under U.S. guidelines

The U.S. rules call for “protective action,” and while that can mean “sheltering indoors” during a small event, it likely would involve evacuation for a prolonged radiation release, nuclear agency says.


Interior approves first Gulf oil exploration plan since BP spill

Company’s approach relies on untested oil containment technology.