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The Navy is Reinstating the Ancient Art of Celestial Navigation

October 15, 2015 Sometimes old school is best. In today’s US Navy, navigating a warship by the stars instead of GPS is making a comeback. The Naval Academy stopped teaching celestial navigation in the late 1990s, deeming the hard-to-learn skill irrelevant in an era when satellites can relay a ship’s location with remarkable...

Join a Drone Over the Indonesian Fires Smoking Out an Entire Region

October 9, 2015 FROM NEXTGOV arrow This summer a large swath of Southeast Asia has been covered by a persistent haze that’s led to health problems, fatal accidents, cancelled flights and events, costly counter-measures, and some surreal political bickering. The haze occurs every dry season, when fires are set to make land suitable for pulp-and-paper or...

More Than 100,000 Acres of Northern California Are on Fire

September 14, 2015 Unusually volatile forest fires incinerated buildings, cars, and just anything about anything else in their path in northern California over the weekend. On Sunday (Sept. 13) governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Lake and Napa counties as thousands fled for safety, after the Valley Fire, which started...