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Julie Rovner


Collins’ Skillful Piloting Helped NIH Steer Clear of Political Minefields

Dr. Francis Collins, who announced he is stepping down as chief of the National Institutes of Health, used his communication skills and political insights to help protect the highly acclaimed federal research institutes through difficult times.


Why Doesn’t Medicare Cover Services So Many Seniors Need?

When the program began half a century ago, backers believed the benefits would expand over time, but politics and concerns about money have stymied most efforts. Now congressional Democrats are looking to add vision, dental and hearing care.

Pay & Benefits

Medicare beneficiaries sent empty envelopes

Recipients were supposed to receive information about new prescription drug benefits, but Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acknowledges some problems with mailing.


FCC asked to investigate agencies' video news releases

Clips of videos created by federal agencies have been broadcast frequently on local news programs without reference to the fact that they were produced by the government.


Panel chief calls for streamlining NIH structure

Lawmakers are trying to complete the first reauthorization of the agency since 1993.


Witnesses spar over FDA's effectiveness on drug safety

FDA Acting Deputy Commissioner for Operations Janet Woodcock said agency officials already spend half their time on safety issues.


Gingrich calls for 'virtual public health service'

Former House speaker says federal government should commit 1 percent of health spending to improving health information technology.

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Lawmaker weighs bill to address NIH conflicts of interest

Rep. Jim Greenwood, R-Pa., says he wants to remove salary caps and make agency's compensation system more transparent.

Pay & Benefits

NIH under fire for alleged conflicts of interest

Reports conclude that agency scientists have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from private firms over the past decade.


HHS chief unveils electronic medical records initiative

Federal officials challenged to move aggressively to help the health care system make the switch.


Ex-Medicare chiefs say agency managers face massive task

An ongoing "brain drain" at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will make it very difficult to implement major Medicare changes, two former heads of the agency said Thursday.