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Gwynn Guilford


Trump Appoints a 'Long-time Friend' of Xi Jinping’s to Be the U.S. Ambassador to China

After a year of bashing China, Trump's appointed the governor or Iowa—an avowed fan of trade with China—as ambassador.


The FBI Confirms That Clinton’s Emails Are Totally Fine

The FBI said it found nothing incriminating in the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails.


Trump’s Plans Would Increase America’s Debt By Trillions of Dollars

His policies would pile on $5.3 trillion in borrowing in ten years, calculates a budget watchdog—26 times higher than the debt Hillary Clinton's plans would add.


The Correct Criticism of Obama’s Vacation Habits is That He Should Take More, Not Less

Trump ultimately prevailed; Obama is visiting Baton Rouge this week. We should all be glad he waited until his vacation was over, though.


The Battle Between Clinton and Trump is a Modern Morality Play

Trump has a deep-seated knack for playing to people's moral intuition and plans to exploit this skill all the way to the White House. The question remains: does Clinton?


Here's What a Trump Presidency Would Actually Look Like

A look at some of the GOP frontrunner's more controversial policies show how hard they would be to enact.


Trump and Sanders Are Doing Well Because They Tap Into the Same Anxious Feelings

They both foment outrage at trade policies that have hurt America’s middle class.


Lego’s Female Scientist Set Could Inspire a Generation of Girls

Encouraging women to work in STEM fields would be a big help to dwindling American STEM workers.


About to Ask For a Raise? Listen to These Three Songs First

New research shows that music with heavy bass makes people feel far more confident.


China Is Setting up Covert Spy Networks in US and Australian Universities

The ever-rising droves of Chinese people studying abroad is generally considered an all-around win, especially for China's Communist Party.


Uncle Sam Is Helping Illegal Pot Producers Destroy California's Water Supply

The paradoxical status of marijuana in the U.S. means growers enjoy unregulated use of water, and the resulting easy profits have helped attract operations that are increasingly industrial in scale.


Analysis: Why Obama’s pick for Interior Secretary is a shrewd move

Jewell gets business enough to make smart calls on fracking, but also shares conservation priorities.