Douglas P. Guarino

Doug Guarino Douglas P. Guarino is a senior reporter with Global Security Newswire, covering nuclear and chemical security issues.
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Obama administration weighing more aggressive medical isotope policies

June 11, 2012 FROM NEXTGOV arrow Recently announced White House measures aimed at promoting the purchase of medical isotopes manufactured with proliferation-resistant nuclear material do not go as far as actions the Obama administration considered earlier this year, internal documents obtained by Global Security Newswire show. For example, while the White House in a Thursday release...

House bid to merge Homeland Security WMD offices draws cautious praise

June 1, 2012 Plans for a possible merger between two Homeland Security Department offices responsible for monitoring potential threats from weapons of mass destruction is eliciting cautious praise from observers who hope such a move would help address concerns that some of the department's key detection technologies are not useful. In a little-noticed...

North Korea's failed rocket launch prompts missile defense questions

April 18, 2012 FROM NEXTGOV arrow David Guttenfelder/AP file photo North Korea's failed rocket launch last week underscores the need for the United States to rethink missile defense spending, according to some lawmakers and arms control advocates. Others, though, say that Pyongyang's continued efforts to strengthen its ballistic missile capabilities proves the U.S. defenses should receive...