Daniel Thomas

Research Analyst, Government Business Council Daniel Thomas is a research analyst at Government Business Council, where he writes about defense and technology issues affecting the government. He holds a master's degree in linguistics from University of York and a bachelor's degree in English from Birmingham-Southern College.
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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Government Travel & Spend Management

August 30, 2017 New technology and processes are now available that promise to improve how employees manage travel on the taxpayer's dime, but continued reliance on antiquated equipment, outdated spend models, and complicated policy threaten to restrict these capabilities. Download GBC's Digital Briefing Center to learn about: The latest insights and innovations aimed...

The Digital Forerunners: A Report on Network Infrastructure in State and Local Government

August 24, 2017 State and local government play an important role in providing citizens essential access to information and opportunities. However, a number of challenges stand in the way of building digital infrastructure that serves all people, anywhere, anytime. Download this GBC Insight Report to learn: How government employees feel about current state...

Disruption Pays Off

August 1, 2017 Click here to download this GBC issue brief

Flash Poll Series: The Future of Federal Finance

August 1, 2017 Financial stakeholders in the federal government face escalating pressure to demonstrate accountability and transparency as stewards of taxpayers’ funds. What can agency leadership do to fix lingering pain points and pave the way for more accountable, simplified processes in the future? Government Business Council investigates. Download this Flash Poll Series...

Top 5 Takeaways From KPMG's Intelligent Automation Forum

July 26, 2017 Click here to download this GBC Top 5 Issue Brief

Flash Poll Series: Financial Data Management

July 6, 2017 Federal agencies face an imminent deadline to make their spending information public. However, many still rely on existing source systems that have known data validation deficiencies, leading to inaccuracies in the financial data that's being reported. Download this GBC Flash Poll Series to learn about: Federal perceptions of current financial...

Out With the Old, In With the New: Federal IT Transformation in 2017

June 22, 2017 The federal government spends nearly three-fourths of its annual IT budget on maintaining legacy tech. In many cases, these systems live past their prime, neglecting essential security upgrades needed to fend off cyber attacks and performance disruption. A 2017 survey asks: are agencies taking steps to ensure systems can perform...

The First 100 Days

June 8, 2017 President Trump’s first 100 days in office have come and gone. As politicians, pundits, and historians continue to weigh in on his performance, one question remains largely unaddressed: What do the President’s own employees think? In order to answer this question, Government Business Council surveyed 1,295 qualified federal employees representing...

Flash Poll Series: Workforce Cybersecurity

May 24, 2017 A series of highly visible cyber attacks in past months have many global institutions on edge. Entrusted with vast volumes of sensitive data and management of our nation's core infrastructures, the federal government is on especially high alert. Amidst such threats, are government employees confident in their current cyber defenses?...

Taming the IoT Frontier: A Federal Framework for Securing the Internet of Things

May 22, 2017 Click here to download the infographic