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Abby Ohlheiser


Germany Expels U.S. Intelligence Official After Spying Allegations

Although Germany is still investigating, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that if the allegations are true, "it would be a serious case."


U.S. Embassy in Uganda Warns of 'Specific' Terrorist Threat

According to the U.S. Embassy in Kampala, Ugandan police have passed along intelligence on a threat to the Entebbe International Airport.


Majority of Voters Think the Obama Administration Is Incompetent at Running the Government

This is the second recent poll to give the president or his administration a bad rating on a "competency" question.


Hillary Clinton Is as Good at Courting Wall Street as Mitt Romney

About 12 percent of the amount Bill and Hillary Clinton have fundraised over the last two decades has come from the financial sector.


John Kerry Busted Taking a Brief Nap in Poland

The secretary of state nodded off during the Polish president's answer to a question at a press conference.


Here's What's in the Benghazi Chapter of Hillary Clinton's New Book

A substantial portion is clearly meant to address ongoing committee hearings convened by the GOP-led House of Representatives.


'House of Cards' Is Looking for its NSA Director

The show is looking for a male or female aged 45-55 years old of any ethnicity.


How to Manage Expectations for Your Rally to Overthrow the American Government

Operation American Spring is a militia-heavy protest explicitly aiming to force Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder from office.


The State Department Warns of an 'Evolved,' Decentralized Al Qaeda

Report outlines how leadership losses in Pakistan and Afghanistan have forced the terrorist organization into an 'accelerated' splintering.


Edward Snowden Says He Was Challenging Vladimir Putin, Not Helping Him

NSA leaker defended his decision to participate in the conversation in a Guardian op-ed.


Defense Team in 9/11 Trial Says the FBI May Be Spying on Them

Emergency motion derails a planned competency hearing at Guantanamo Bay.


One of the NSA's Biggest Defenders Is Retiring to Be a Radio Host

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee isn't seeking re-election.