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Federal Contractors Need to Prepare for a Long Government Shutdown

A shutdown of government operations for any length of time will have a significant effect on the contractor community, especially small businesses.

Justice Hits Chinese Hackers For Attacking U.S. Navy, Agencies, Companies

Hackers with the Chinese government hit 45 targets in campaign going back years.

DHS Turns to Existing GSA, NIH Contracts to (Mostly) Replace EAGLE

The department will use existing governmentwide acquisition contracts rather than recompete another EAGLE contract vehicle.

Plan to Dumb-Down the Power Grid In Name of Cybersecurity Passes Senate

The bill would establish and fund a public-private partnership to look at retro, analog options for securing the nation’s electric grid from digital threats.

Before signing a bill, President Donald Trump shakes hands with Isaac Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel, in Washington, DC.

Lawmakers Want IG to Dig into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Crowd

The trio of informal associates is reported to wield outsized influence over personnel and procurement decisions at the Veterans Affairs Department.

Pentagon to Connect Experimental Background Check App To Other Systems By Year’s End

The Defense Department is testing its nascent app on 1,000 security clearance applicants ahead of an October deadline to take over all investigations work.

A Government Shutdown Doesn’t Mean All the IT Shuts Down

Both baseline infrastructure and critical IT systems have to stay on during a shutdown, which means some IT staff won’t be furloughed.

If Feds Go Home For a Shutdown, Do Their Phones Go With Them?

A handful of potentially impacted agencies have updated their guidance since the last shutdown.

Homeland Security Delegation Visits Asia for Emerging Tech Ideas

An agency group is going abroad for ideas about 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity.

Report: Tech Shops Don't See Themselves Driving Change

Nearly 60 percent of civilian tech specialists cited insufficient funding as a major barrier to IT modernization.