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IRS Has A Plan to Verify Taxpayers’ IDs. Now It Needs to Do It.

The agency has a plan to improve taxpayer authentication but needs to work out details on funding and execution, according to a government watchdog.

Only One-Quarter of Agencies Publishing Timely, Accurate Spending Data, Says GAO

Eight agencies submitted financial data that was more than 75 percent wrong.

A mock-up of Boeing's CST-100 Starliner splashes down in 2016

A Toxic Fuel Leak On Boeing’s Spacecraft Will Ground U.S. Astronauts a Little Longer

NASA's attempt to hire a space taxi hits another speed bump. And more may be ahead for the vehicle intended to travel to the ISS.

This image made available by NASA shows an illustration of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

NASA Is Making Troves of Satellite Data More Accessible Than Ever

The open data and new toolkit could inspire a new crop of entrepreneurs.

Trump Administration Plans National Cyber Risk Management Initiative

The effort will include the Homeland Security, Treasury and Energy departments along with smaller sector-specific agencies.  

Chinese Hackers Targeted Internet-of-Things During Trump-Putin Summit

A spike in attacks sought access to devices that might yield audio or visual intelligence.

White House Appoints Federal Chief Information Security Officer

Grant Schneider will be the second person to fill the position.

Acquisition Professionals Place Little Importance on Innovation, Survey Finds

Respondents found some recurring challenges were offset by an improvement in acquisition talent.

Software Companies Push Senate to Weaken Lowest Price Contracting Rule

Making agencies prioritize the lowest price is leading to poor contracting choices, a software trade group says.

Government’s Cyber Monitoring Program Would Become Law Under House Bill

The bill also aims to prevent agencies from getting stuck with outdated technology.