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Lawmakers Want to Boost Their Tech-Savvy By Reviving Defunct Office

They want to reopen the Office of Technology Assessment, a research group that once kept Congress up to date on emerging technology.

Adm. Ronny Jackson

With No Permanent Leadership, VA Forges Ahead on $16 Billion Health Records Effort

The Veterans Affairs Department will press on with its electronic health records contract without a permanent secretary or chief information officer.

One of the Pentagon’s Worldwide Networks Is About to Get 10x Faster

The Defense Information Systems Agency announced its plan to increase bandwidth for one of its mission-critical networks.

Defense Bill Would Send Military Reinforcements to DHS’ Cyber Mission

The bill would also transfer most of DISA’s network defense responsibilities to U.S. Cyber Command.

A model of the short-range radio frequency stopper under development to stop vehicle attacks, developed by JNLWD, in March.

The Pentagon Is Making a Ray Gun to Stop Truck Attacks

A device that resembles an old phonograph may soon be used to jam and shut down vehicles like the one that killed 10 people in Toronto.

Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney said: “I don’t see anything in here that says I have to run a Yelp for financial services sponsored by the federal government.”

Mulvaney Targets Consumer Bureau's 'Yelp'-Like Complaint Portal

Acting director encourages bankers’ argument against posting unvetted criticism.

Report: Insecure Contractor Emails Leave Government Vulnerable

Federal IT contractors aren’t using an email security tool that’s now mandated for agencies.

Suzette Kent, Federal CIO

Federal CIO: Modernization Board Wants More Proposals and Here’s What It Needs

Suzette Kent shares just what kind of ideas the board is looking for.

JEDI Will Be Just One of Many Clouds, Says Pentagon’s No. 2

The giant and groundbreaking IT contract may cover just a fraction of the cloud-services orders to come.

Ivy Mike was detonated on November 1, 1952 by the United States on the island of Elugelab in Enewetak Atoll.

Experts Say AI Could Raise the Risks of Nuclear War

A new RAND report says ideas like mutually assured destruction and minimal deterrence strategy offer a lot less assurance in the age of intelligent software.