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24 Companies Join VA’s Health Record Modernization Team

Cerner Corp. announces a lengthy list of subcontractors for the multi-billion dollar project.

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., does not like SBA's handling of Spanish-language materials on the website.

Trump Agency Website Changes Continue to Raise Concerns

SBA defends its handling of Spanish-language materials after Sen. Cardin complains.

There’s One Less Option for Agencies Now on GSA’s Next-Gen Telecom Contract

With last year’s acquisition of Level 3 by CenturyLink, the companies’ offerings on the Enterprise Infrastructure Services contract have been consolidated.

Security Clearances Won’t Get in the Way of Responding to Election Cyber Threats, Officials Say

One intel leader urged a “just get it done, we’ll worry about the consequences later” approach to countering threats on Election Day.

Immigrants walk into a building at South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas.

IG: Incompatible Tech Added to Family Separation Policy Chaos

The agencies tracking parents and children separated at the border had to email data and compile spreadsheets, an auditor found.

Trump Is Not Texting You

What should be a routine, required national test of the wireless emergency alert system has become a crucible for public distrust.

DHS Restructures Research Office to Meet Emerging Threats Head On

The new structure will also keep the office from working on projects that will never see the light of day.

Understanding Blockchain’s Promise for Government

The technology can help government drive improved performance and economic activity.

FBI Director Implores Corporate Boards to Join Cyber Fight

Companies should amp up protections and be wary of deals that expose U.S. intellectual property, FBI Director Chris Wray says.