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New FedRAMP, DHS Initiative Aims to Make it Easier for Feds to Access the Cloud

The overlay will serve as the “first step" in allowing agencies greater flexibility as they move to securely adopt cloud services.

United States CTO Megan Smith

Why Women Need a Bigger Role in Federal IT Leadership

The underrepresentation of women in federal technology leadership positions could be hurting the industry, says CIO Monica Eaton-Cardone.

Health care workers inside a USAID, funded Ebola clinic with their Ebola virus protective gear in Monrovia, Liberia.

The Limits of Technology in Fighting Ebola

As the outbreak continues, USAID and other agencies are still investing and prototyping new devices, often looking to the private sector and the general public for ideas.

A TSA officer checks baggage at Miami International Airport

TSA Just Handed a $15,000 Prize to Mystery Baggage Profilers

The agency-sponsored contest sought to figure out how to assess the threat-level of an individual passenger’s suitcase.

Census' Tech Use Could Slash Cost of 2020 Count by Nearly Half

The only way Commerce can make good on its promise is through the intelligence use of technology, said CIO Steve Cooper.

Survey: CIOs Think Many IT Reform Reporting Requirements are Useless

CIOs estimated they spent between $150 million and $308 million each year on reporting exercises they viewed as unhelpful or only somewhat helpful.

Americans Are Some of the Biggest Water Guzzlers on the Planet

EPA and UN studies show that we don't take more showers, but we seem to use more water doing so.

Commerce: Tell Us What You Want From Our Data

Crowdsourcing is a key part of Commerce's open data efforts.

Watchdog: Library of Congress Lacks a Digital Blueprint -- And Doesn't Know How Much It Spends on Technology

A new watchdog report calls into question the Library of Congress' ability to keep up with the demands of the digital age.

Obama Declares Cyber Attacks A ‘National Emergency’

A new executive order will allow the government to impose financial sanctions against those waging malicious cyberattacks.