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Senators Zero in on ‘Inaccurate’ IT Dashboard Ratings

A key Senate committee says its examining "the lack of transparency and inaccuracy of risk information” posted by agencies on the IT Dashboard.

Grassley Is Not on Board With NSA Reform

The key Senate Republican is not ready to give the USA Freedom Act his blessing.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

DHS to Open Up Shop in Silicon Valley

The Department of Homeland Security is opening a branch in Google's territory.

The Plan for Avoiding 2020 Census Tech Flubs? Innovate But Don’t Invent

Census takers could be using commercially-available smartphones and tablets to administer the survey in 2020.

Does the Government Need to Rethink Its Weed Ban to Get Cyber Talent?

An executive order dating to the Reagan administration outright bans federal employees from toking up -- even off duty.

TSA agents work at a security check-point at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in SeaTac, Wash.

Feds Heighten Scrutiny of TSA Screeners and Aviation Staff to Thwart Insider Threat

The prospective measures stem from a report the Department of Homeland Security requested after a former baggage handler last December allegedly helped smuggle loaded guns aboard a plane bound for New York City.

18F’s Hillary Hartley on Redesigning Government Services: Put the People First

As deputy executive director of GSA’s digital services team, Hillary Hartley’s job is to put customers at the forefront of any technology project.

NSA: Rules of War Apply to Cyberwar, Too

In the tightly controlled discussion about cyber weapons, this counts as a step toward transparency. Still Gets Poor Marks for Customer Experience

The U.S. Postal Service and the National Parks Service get highest grades in government.

TSP Participants Could Be Vulnerable to Hackers, Auditors Say

Once in the system, hackers could take loans or withdrawals from retirement accounts.