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What the Intelligence Community Can Teach the Rest of Government about Cloud

Three lessons from the National Security Agency and the CIA.

National Security Agency director Mike Rogers speaks at Stanford University in November.

NSA Officials Lobby Senators as Patriot Act Nears Deadline

The White House is supporting an NSA reform bill, but Mitch McConnell wants to keep the spying program unchanged.

DJ Patil, the nation's first Chief Data Scientist

DJ Patil to Tech Industry: Don’t Just ‘Throw Stones’ at Government

The U.S. chief data scientist says innovative outsiders have a unique opportunity to make their voices heard inside government.

Protestors rally against mass surveillance in Washington, DC in 2013.

Patriot Act In Uncharted Legal Territory As Deadline Approaches

Will the Patriot Act mean something different if lawmakers renew it now that they know the full extent of the NSA's spying?

Federal Employee Retirement Plan Struggles with Cyber Conflict of Interest

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board refuses to let auditors probe until satisfied that FISMA directives will not fracture the Chinese wall between OMB and the board.

Third-Party Software Was Entry Point for Background-Check System Hack

Intruders piggybacked on a vulnerability in an enterprise resource planning application.

Lawmakers Prod Agencies to Retool Energy-Guzzling Data Centers

The Energy Efficiency Government Technology Act would require federal data centers to run on more energy-efficient technologies.

Finding a Cure for What Ails Defense Acquisition

Why the Pentagon’s prescription for staying ahead of the curve falls short.

Government’s Mobile Sites, Apps Rated More Highly Than Many Companies’

Almost a quarter of federal website traffic now comes from mobile devices.