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What Was the Purpose of the OPM Hack?

Officials think the massive data breach revealed this week is part of an effort by China to build a database of U.S. government workers.

OPM Hackers Skirted Cutting-Edge Intrusion Detection System, Official Says

The technology, EINSTEIN 3, is not designed to catch malware never been seen before, experts say.

Government Pwned: A Recent History of Hacks

The OPM hack certainly isn't the first -- or the last -- breach to happen to government.

Leahy Denounces Alarmists Over Latest OPM Cyberattack

"Take a breather," Leahy said during the C-SPAN interview. "There are always going to be attacks. There is always going to be hacking."

Massive Data Breach Puts a Spotlight on Shared IT Services

Officials say the push to streamline purchasing and HR functions will continue.

5 Things You Need To Know About the USA Freedom Act

Its predecessor, the Patriot Act, garnered outrage and changed security policy globally. What should we expect from the Freedom Act, hastily passed last week?

Before Breach, OPM Requested Millions of Dollars to Upgrade Network Security

OPM's request budgeted funds to "implement and sustain" network upgrades.

5 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself After the Massive OPM Data Breach

You don’t have to wait to receive a notice from OPM to take some precautionary measures.

OPM To Send Data Breach Notifications to Federal Employees Next Week

Move comes in wake of massive hacking incident that exposed personal information of millions.

OPM Says Massive Data Breach May Affect 4 Million Federal Employees

OPM says it detected a cyber intrusion in April.