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'Unhinging' a Government Culture Resistant to Change

Risk taking and failure should be an option in government, top federal technologists say.

IG Cites Lax Oversight of Contractors

Contracting personnel at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services failed to follow basic contracting rules.

A reflection of the DHS logo is seen reflected in the glasses of a cybersecurity analyst in the watch and warning center at DHS' secretive cyber defense facility in Idaho.

Watchdog: DHS Still Struggles with Cyber Response

The agency still struggles to coordinate its cyber-response activities and lacks an automated information-sharing tool to share cyber threat data.

Astronauts Mark Midpoint in One-Year Spaceflight

The data will come in handy if humans embark on long missions to other parts of the solar system, like Mars.

Contractors Say Proposed Hack Reporting Rules Aren’t Strict Enough

'This is exactly the interpretive, decentralized behavior that has produced the current state of network security vulnerabilities.'

8 Tough Questions for the New CIO of the Library of Congress

As the library's first permanent CIO in three years, Bernard A. Barton Jr has a wide array of plans for helping it flourish in the digital age.

Can Social Media Tracking Make Medication Safer?

FDA is considering analyzing social media data to learn more about product safety.

FBI and DHS Warn of Security Risks from the Internet of Things

Wearables, thermostats and insulin dispensers and other everyday objects are not hack proof.

A man stands behind a 3D print of a fully porous titanium grade five cranial implant for a patient.

How 3-D Printing Could Make Criminals Harder to Catch

Advanced technology could encourage criminals to be better educated, a new report claims.

Intelligence Community’s Grand IT Plan Still Working Out ‘Pain Points’

The initiative is in the midst of converging multiple networks – all tied to various legal authorities – into a single network.