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Census Bureau on the Hunt for New CIO

The agency posted an opening for an associate director for information technology and CIO to oversee the agency's IT portfolio.

The interior of the Capitol Dome is under construction currently.

Despite Privacy Fears, Senate Passes Cybersecurity Bill

After months of negotiation, a bill designed to step up defenses in the wake of high-profile hacks moves closer to the president’s desk.

A B-2, B-52, and B-1 fly in formation over Shreveport, La., on May 10 during the Defenders of Liberty Airshow and Open House in 2008.

Northrop Grumman to Build New Air Force Bomber

After years of internal Pentagon fighting to keep the project alive, the air service reveals a builder, but little else.

A new Apple iPhone

State Department Says iPhones Can Detect Illegal Weapons Testing

The State Department is talking to Apple scientists about new uses for the iPhone.

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo.,  blasted the “erratic history” of DOD-VA EHR integration, which stretches back to at least 1998.

Pentagon and VA ‘Still Years Away’ from Fully Interoperable Electronic Health Records

The Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs are on track to to blow past a congressionally mandated end-of-2016-deadline to fully deploy modernized EHR software.

Hacking the Capitol: All the Ways Tech Can Help Congress Work Smarter

The second Congressional Hackathon, held Friday at the Capitol, produced some big, creative ideas and even some prototypes.

Why Millennials Aren’t the Answer to Government’s Cyber Shortage Just Yet

Nearly 80 percent of millennials said they’ve never spoken to a practicing cybersecurity professional.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

Deputy CIO: DHS Trying to Coax Silicon Valley Startups into Federal Contracting

The procurement cycle can be prohibitive for startups, Margie Graves said, so DHS wants them to participate in more pilot projects.

Maria Pallante, Director of the US Copyright Office

New Tech Plans Aim to Take Copyright Office Out of the 1970s

While making specific tech upgrades is important, it will take a much more big-picture approach to truly modernize the office, said Director Maria Pallante.

Republican Kelly Ayotte Backs President Obama’s Climate-Change Rule

Ayotte, who faces a tough reelection battle, broke with GOP leaders who want to kill the regulations on power plants.