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This visible image of Tropical Storm Erika was taken from NOAA's GOES-East satellite on Aug. 26 at 7:45 a.m. EDT as it headed toward the Lesser Antilles.

NOAA and NASA Plan to Send a Drone Right Into Tropical Storm Erika

NOAA wants to use unmanned aircraft to observe the skies and advance the country's weather forecasting abilities, said NOAA lead systems engineer John Coffey.

The Windows 10 start screen

Cracking Open Windows 10: Can Windows 10 Serve and Protect Government Users?

Moving from Windows 7, the last “traditional” operating system from Microsoft, to Windows 10 is not going to be as traumatic as previous Windows updates.

DISA Issues Pentagon-Friendly Cloud Computing Guide

The guide is aimed at DOD “mission owners” planning to move an existing information system from a physical environment to a virtualized cloud environment.

Rick Holgate, the chief information officer of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms CIO Announces Exit

In an email to ATF staff, Rick Holgate said he’s leaving the agency to accommodate a move to Vienna, Austria.

DJ Patil, the nation's first Chief Data Scientist

White House Looking for Help on Personalized Medicine Technology

The administration is collecting suggestions from the general public about improving personalized medicine.

With a Major Cybersecurity Job Shortage, We Must Act Like We Are at War

The U.S. needs much more than the recent $14 billion cybersecurity budget increase to keep up with the bad guys.

Will More Federal Employees Learn To Code Any Time Soon?

General Assembly, which operates in-person and online classes nationally, is now offering discounts on development training to city, state and federal employees.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio

Bill Would Require Agencies to Keep Track of ‘Critical’ Cyber Workforce Shortages

The Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act would require agencies to use a cyber-jobs framework developed by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

The IRS Spent $2.7 Million on a Tool That Shelled Out $39 Million to Crooks

The ROI could fall deeper into the red, based on revelations about a breach of the online service.

If it happened, this is what it would look like from space.

NASA: No, an Asteroid Is Not About To Destroy Earth

Willis, Affleck and company don't need to suit up just yet.