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Emblem on the door of the Office of Personnel Management in Washington, DC.

OPM Says 84,000 Hack Victims Still Not Notified

Are you affected? There’s a hotline to call.

NASA Used Instagram to Post The Best Photo of Pluto Ever Taken

The New Horizons telescope takes images with 1,000 times the resolution of the best earthbound telescopes.

Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building, Friday, June 19, 2015, in Washington.

Justice Department Plans Major Office Tech Upgrade

DOJ envisions an “office of the future,” which would revamp much of the technology agency employees use.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Titan Supercomputer

New Energy Research Teams to Prep for Supercomputers Arriving in 2017

The teams are tasked with making sure existing applications can work on the new machines.

The Women Who Rule Pluto

The New Horizons team may include more women staffers than any other NASA project in history.

The Startup Shakeup: Can Small, Innovative Companies Break Into DC Contracting Scene?

Tech firms are adopting a new language to win a shot at innovation contracts.

Here’s Everything the White House Says It’s Done on Cyber in 2015

The administration’s 30-day cybersecurity sprint officially wrapped up Sunday.

Artist conception of New Horizons Spacecraft.

What Comes Next After NASA’s Pluto Mission?

Space advocates hope the event makes the case that planetary travel is a worthy pursuit.

After Monumental Breach, Banks and Even Farmers Are Buying NSA-Fueled Surveillance Gear

Recently, the government began allowing any private firm to buy the network monitoring tool.

NSA joins GitHub, Shares Code for Cyber Tool

The agency is publishing the source code for its Systems Integrity Management Platform, which lets administrators make sure server clusters are compliant with security standards