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'Unconventional' Ideas Wanted by DARPA Office

The office is on the hunt for game-changing advances in the world of IT, according to its recently posted Broad Agency Announcement.

Wind patterns come off as psychedelic in some of the images.

A NOAA Weather Model Shows Animated Storms and City Lights

NOAA’s weatherView animates real-time wind in a gorgeous way.

Reports: Russia Hacked Pentagon's Joint Staff Email

Unnamed U.S. officials told NBC News the attack was "clearly the work of a state actor."

A NASA Satellite Sees the 'Dark Side' of the Moon Crossing Earth

Watch the moon slide across Earth in this fantastic footage from 1 million miles away.

The mushroom cloud over Hiroshima after the bombing was visible for miles.

The Federal Employees Who Singled Out Hiroshima for Atomic Destruction

How committee meetings, memos, and largely arbitrary decisions ushered in the nuclear age.

Travelers wait in line to check in at a security checkpoint area at Midway International Airport, Friday, Nov. 21, 2014, in Chicago.

A 'Yelp for Government' is Coming

Feedback USA aims to be a cross-agency solution to the public's declining satisfaction with federal services.

Contract to Notify and Protect OPM Hack Victims Now Out

The much-anticipated competition to vie for the work of notifying and safeguarding those affected by the largest federal data breach kicked off late Tuesday.

4 Charts That Explain the State of Agency Cybersecurity after the OPM Hack

Most agencies made great strides during the White House-mandated 30-day cybersecurity sprint. But some actually backslid on their use of stronger authentication measures.

Can FITARA Prevent Future Cyberattacks?

A group of federal experts weighed in during a recent panel in Washington.

White House Announces Expansion of Lab-to-Market 'Innovation Corps'

The National Science Foundation’s four-year-old Innovation Corps has just added many more federal agencies to its repertoire.