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NASA Has a Humanoid Robot Working Aboard the International Space Station

It looks like a cross between C-3PO and the Michelin Man.

OPM Breach Notification Frustrates Hacked Feds

Some federal employees say they’re not enrolling for the free program and a Washington-area senator said it may be time to terminate one of the company’s contract.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Dan Ward says too many people mistake complexity for sophistication.

To Advance the Mission, More Feds Should Consider Doing Less

Managers often mistake complexity for sophistication, and the result is bad for everyone, a former military acquisition executive argues.

Want to Implement Emerging Tech Successfully? Start Small

The best bet to get the best bang for your tech bucks is by piloting smaller projects, DOD strategists say.

How Agencies Use Data To Understand How Humans Interact With the Environment

Officials in some agencies are thinking about harvesting data from the Internet of Things to help citizens.

Pentagon to Silicon Valley: Teach Us Big Data

The Pentagon is setting up shop in Silicon Valley to forge partnerships, identify new technologies and maybe even recruit some new talent.

House Committee Nixes New Funding for White House Digital Service Team

OMB says the lack of new funding “represents a missed opportunity.”

5 Things the Tech Industry Wants the Next President to Do

A tech think tank has unveiled a tech wish list for 2016 candidates, which lays out an action plan to help transform the country into a flourishing hub of technological innovation.

This DHS Computer System Will Cost $2 Billion More than

DHS has reversed course on software development strategies, leading the price tag to balloon, auditors said.

Multiple Lawmakers Possibly Compromised by OPM Hack

At least two lawmakers received have received notices that their personal data may now be in the hands of hackers believed to be working for China.