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IG Report: OPM Still Struggles with IT Security

The IG report identified persistent security weaknesses.

Federal CIO Tony Scott

The Crisis in Federal IT That’s Scarier Than Y2K Ever Was

Fossils in federal IT are a potentially multibillion disaster years in the making.

Pentagon Ready to Certify Health Records Interoperability with VA

DOD says it has surpassed congressional requirements for sharing data with VA.

New Counterintelligence Strategy: Focus on Cyber

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence's new strategy aims to detect, mitigate and prevent cyberattacks.

Lawmakers Worry Malicious Hackers Could Take Control of Your Car

The House oversight committee held a hearing about potential cybercrime in connected cars.

Silicon Valley pioneer and Silent Circle co-founder Jon Callas holds up Blackphone with encryption apps displayed on it,

This ISIS-Endorsed Encryption Contractor Says It Will Now Screen Who's Buying Its Services

The goal is to stop terrorists from using stolen credit cards bought off the online black market, and entering bogus physical addresses to register for encryption services.

Education Contractor Withheld Data from Cyber Investigators

The company had signed an agreement with the Education Department to provide access to their systems but says the government’s request is too broad.

Are Agency CIOs Still Too Timid on IT Reform?

Agencies are still finalizing plans laying out how their CIOs meet an OMB-created set of common baselines for the role.

3 Steps to Slash the Risk of Insider Threats

Agencies need to think of security across three areas: phsyical, technical and behavioral.

Federal CIO Tony Scott

Federal CIO: More than 10,000 Openings for Cyber Pros in the Federal Government

Tony Scott said he's turning his focus to broader challenges, such as recruiting technology talent.