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President Barack Obama, left, talks with Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show" during a taping on Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

Obama Talks Federal IT on ‘Daily Show”

The commander in chief discussed the wave of Silicon Valley tech talent invading government, challenges in IT procurement and how better IT can lead to better federal customer service.

ID Theft Prevention Might Not Protect OPM Hack Victims, Top Democrat Says

Experts advise those affected learn how to spot deception in emails, phone calls and social interactions.

Could a Free Tool Have Stopped the OPM Hack? (And How to Get One for Yourself)

Created by two nonprofit companies, this software is completely free, can be used by anyone, and is actually pretty good at generating real, actionable intelligence.

Government Hacked Yet Again. It's About Time Federal Cybersecurity Became a National Issue

The aftermath of the OPM hack, with all its humiliating details of ignored warnings, has shown the federal government is both stubbornly slow to fix mistakes and woefully understaffed with cybersecurity experts.

NIST Draws up Guidelines for Protecting Medical Patient Data on Mobile Devices

The guidelines attempt to ensure doctors don't compromise patient data when they use smartphones to access electronic health records.

Anonymous Exposes Census Data to Protest Controversial Trade Deals (UPDATED)

The stolen information, which has been posted online, includes employee names, email addresses, phone numbers and positions within the federal government.

Homeland Security Wants Employees to Beef Up Quant Skills

Analysts at FEMA, TSA and other DHS agencies might soon be required to take data courses.

Is There Enough Evidence For a Criminal Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Email?

The situation shows the dysfunction of our system for classifying documents and prosecuting leaks.

Video: Google Maps' Timeline Can Show Every Place You've Ever Been

The tech giant is rolling out a digital travel diary.