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Is Cloud Computing Saving the Pentagon Money? Watchdog Still Doesn’t Know

DOD lacks a standardized definition for cloud computing and an inventory to track cloud-based contracts.

Pentagon Grants Contractors an Extension on Hack Detection Rules

Companies get an extra year-and-a-half to comply with stronger security standards.

Egypt’s Shutdown of Facebook’s 'Free Internet' May Have Nothing to do With Net Neutrality

Facebook’s attempt to provide free, albeit limited, internet access to the world’s unconnected, has proven popular.

The One Rule Every Data Scientist (And Manager) Should Know By Heart

Jumping to conclusions may result in unintended consequences.

Massive Voter Database Left Unsecured

Information from over 190 million registered voters was found in loose online database.

Nextgov Goes In Depth: The 10 Best ‘Longreads’ of 2015

To wrap up the year, we thought we’d showcase a different side to our coverage: the thoughtful, in-depth and, yes, long articles that tackle issues ranging from IT recruiting to improving government customer service.

The Path for Federal R&D Is Changing

How agencies can tap industry research budgets.

Lawmakers Take on Federal IT Fossils

A Dec. 22 letter to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden seeks answers about the age -- and overall health -- of the agency’s mission-critical computer systems.

18F's Agile BPA Halted Once More By New Protest

Days after GSA announced it had resolved protests and that activity on the BPA could resume, another protest was filed with GAO.