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Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott

OMB Unveils Major Rewrite of Federal IT Policy

The new policy lays out guidance for managing IT investments, improving information security practices and streamlining the process for acquiring new technology.

US Deputy CTO Steps Down

Ryan Panchadsaram's time as U.S. deputy chief technology officer is coming to an end, according to a White House statement.

Federal CIO Tony Scott

Federal CIO Wants New Policy for Refreshing Aging Federal IT Systems

A “core, fundamental problem” in the federal government is the way agencies plan for and budget major IT projects, Tony Scott said.

Teaching Digital Buyers to Transform Acquisition

Public prize competition takes culture change to new level.

Making DATA Act Real Means Working Nights and Weekends

Financial management leaders hopeful on standardizing data to measure program performance.

Here’s How OPM Is Telling Hacked Feds Their Data Was Stolen

There are two types of notices: one for the roughly 16 million employees and family members whose Social Security numbers are known to have been compromised and another for the roughly 6 million people whose fingerprints were also copied.

An Updated Air Force One Could Withstand the Electromagnetic Pulse of a Nuclear Explosion

It will also be hardened against the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion.

The ‘Culture of No’ and 3 Other Government IT Challenges

Among the factors keeping government behind the tech curve are an aversion to change and the lack of technocratic leadership.

OPM Says It Breaks Encryption to Monitor Employees' Browsing Habits

Through a technique called "SSL decryption," the agency sees through secure online transactions between a worker’s computer inside the agency firewall and an external website.