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Is There Enough Evidence For a Criminal Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Email?

The situation shows the dysfunction of our system for classifying documents and prosecuting leaks.

Video: Google Maps' Timeline Can Show Every Place You've Ever Been

The tech giant is rolling out a digital travel diary.

enate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.

Senate Committee Poised to Upgrade Agency Anti-Hacking Laws, Again

Bill expected in the next few days would mandate all departments pass Internet traffic through a governmentwide network surveillance system.

NASA released an artist's rendering of the planet Thursday.

NASA Announces It Has Discovered A “Close Cousin” to Earth

Kepler-452b is 1,400 lightyears away but amazing similar to our own home.

OPM Says Background Check System Now Back Online after Security Tweaks

The system outage came weeks after OPM first announced personal information on millions of current and former federal employees had been stolen by hackers.

OPM Cyber Spending to Get a Budget Boost -- But Is It Enough?

Senators approved the administration’s full request but blocked a stronger measure to accelerate OPM’s cyber upgrades.

How to Build a Next Gen Program That Works

Boldly go where your stakeholders are: in the cloud, online, mobile.

Postal Service Lacked ‘Cybersecurity Culture’ Before Hack, Watchdog Says

The agency's outdated technology and tiny cybersecurity staff made it more vulnerable to attack, according to the inspector general's report.

Senators Want to Give DHS New CYBERCOM-Like Powers to Thwart Civilian Agency Hacks

Lawmakers think there is now enough momentum to grant DHS power over government networks.

Don’t Fall for This USAJobs Phishing Scam

The Office of Personnel Management is warning job seekers about email scams purporting to come from the federal government’s jobs site.