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IBM Files Bid Protest Against Pentagon’s JEDI Contract

IBM becomes the second company to file a pre-award bid protest against the Pentagon’s multibillion cloud contract.

GAO: Vulnerabilities Plague 'Entire Generation' of U.S. Weapons Systems

Defense officials were often unaware of vulnerabilities and didn’t notice they were being exploited.

Embedded Software and Information Technology Systems Are Pervasive in Weapon Systems (Represented via Fictitious Weapon System for Classification Reasons)

Many of the U.S. Military’s Newest Weapons Have Major Cyber Vulnerabilities: GAO

Testers achieved access with simple tools, default passwords, and long lists of known-yet-unfixed vulnerabilities.

The Navy’s Accident Record Is Now Hidden From Public View

The latest incidence of a government agency quietly removing data from its website demonstrates the dangers of an ever-changing internet.

The Hubble Telescope May Need a Reboot After a Tough Weekend

NASA confirmed that the telescope was in “safe mode” after one of its six gyroscopes failed

Microsoft to Host the Government’s Classified Data Early Next Year

The software giant made a slew of announcements Tuesday that indicate how seriously it is targeting government business, especially cloud computing.

New citizens hold an American flag as they listen during a naturalization ceremony at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Kendall Field Office, Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018, in Miami.

DHS Digital Service is Taking Paper Out of the Immigration Process

The Digital Service works side by side with agency employees to tackle some of their most backlogged processes.

Trump’s Looser Reins on Offensive Cyber Get Positive Reviews from Army

Trump rescinded Obama-era rules that required White House sign off for most offensive cyber operations.

Tim Descit, an Army veteran, spreads fertilizer on the grounds of the National Cemetery at the Dayton, Ohio Veterans Administration grounds.

VA’s National Cemetery Administration Continues High Customer Satisfaction Scores

The federal agency with the highest customer satisfaction scores continues its high performance, according to new internal survey data.