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HHS Deciding Whether to Revive its Future Tech Prediction Project

A new, higher-tech system could update the discontinued program, which identified medical technology worth further research.

Before NASA Could Land on the Moon, the Soviet Union Had to Crash Land There

Crashing is seldom a good idea. But sometimes it has to be done.

The Intelligence Community’s Big Budget Challenge

The report suggests IT spending will essentially stagnate through 2020, with estimated IT spending at $9.5 billion by then.

Digital Government? Agencies Still Thinking Too Small, Study Says

Blame the budget, heightened concerns about cybersecurity and a lack of digital-savvy government staff.

New Competition Seeks Robots That Can Handle a To-Do List

NIST is looking for a way to evaluate a robot's agility before it gets deployed on a factory floor.

An aerial View of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The Story of the Former Fed Who Tried to Launch a Cyberattack on Nuclear Scientists

He sent emails he thought were infected with viruses to Energy Department employees involved in developing nuclear weapons.

Colin Powell, left, and Condoleezza Rice both served as secretary of State under President George W. Bush

Clinton Email Dispute Ropes in Her Predecessors Powell and Rice

House Oversight chairman plans new probe that ranking member calls partisan.

More Than a Third of Americans Would Undergo Iris Scans for Better Government Services

About 67 percent of respondents would share their cellphone numbers with the federal government if it meant personalized services such as expedited passport processing, but far fewer -- 35 percent -- would offer iris scans.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter discusses the 2017 defense budget.

These Are the New Weapons the Pentagon Chief Wants for Tomorrow's Wars

Defense secretary lays out his vision for the next decade’s killer capabilities in 2017 budget preview.