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As Governments Adopt Artificial Intelligence, There’s Little Oversight And Lots Of Danger

AI can help make government more efficient – but at what cost? Citizens' lives could be better or worse, based on how the technology is used

GSA Testing Tool to Ensure Tech Projects Meet Accessibility Rules

A government-built AI tool to ensure compliance with accessibility mandates is headed for the user testing phase before going governmentwide this fall.

Nearly Every Agency Missed Their Data Center Optimization Goals, Watchdog Says

Only two of 22 agencies expected to hit all five of OMB’s optimization benchmarks by the end of 2018.

IRS’ Plan to Modernize Old Tech Will Cost About $2.5 Billion

The agency is seeking $290 million this year as part of a six-year modernization plan.

The Pentagon is increasing its funding request for research and engineering this year.

The Pentagon Is Killing a Key Independent-Research Program

For decades, JASON studies helped DOD and other agencies get outside perspectives on scientific and technical topics.

GAO Will Pour $15 Million Into New Tech Assessment Office in 2020

The Science and Technology Assessment and Analytics team aims to build lawmakers’ understanding of emerging technologies and weigh in on tech-centric policies.

What Spy-Satellite Companies Can Teach NASA About Climate Change

The space agency is exploring what three Earth-observation start-ups can teach it about the planet.

Sen. Cory Booker

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Curb Algorithmic Bias

The Algorithmic Accountability Act would force companies to check whether their tech is making biased, inaccurate, discriminatory or otherwise unfair decisions.

Military and defense industry leaders met at the 2019 Space Symposium, in Colorado Springs.

'Space Force' Windfall Unclear for Eager Defense Companies

At Space Symposium, satellite makers big and small say they’re seeing the Pentagon awarding contracts faster, but still aren’t sure what to expect.