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Pentagon Researchers Test 'Worst-Case Scenario' Attack on U.S. Power Grid

Over 100 people gathered off the tip of Long Island this month to roleplay a cyberattack that takes out the U.S. electric grid for weeks on end.

State Department Relaxing Rules on Transfer on Drone, Chip Technology

The rules will pave the way for 5G cellphones — and even drones that talk to each other in midair.

The Pentagon is Spending Big on RFID Tech

The military is spending millions on RFID to track supplies, vehicles and other shipments, and recently exercised a second option on a $102 million RFID contract.

If Everyone Left the International Space Station

For the first time in 18 years, a launch failure presented an unsettling possibility.

Vice President Michael Pence hosts a meeting of the National Space Council in October.

Trump's Space Force Faces an Uncertain Fate

Congressional lawmakers, including Republicans, were skeptical of the idea long before the midterms.

DHS Wants to Expand the Reach of Its Critical Infrastructure Cyber Training

The department wants to be able to provide cyber training webinars to 5,000 simultaneous users.

Voters fill out their ballots and wait in long lines to vote in Short Pump, Va., Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.

DHS Cyber Unit Fields False Alarms But No Hacks on Election Day

Incidents flagged as potential attacks turned out to be malfunctions or accidents, according to Homeland Security officials.

NIST Wants to Make PIV Cards Work for Smartphones in Two Years

The effort mirrors a Pentagon plan to improve identity verification on mobile devices.

More Primates Are Being Used For Lab Research In The U.S. Than Ever Before

The increase comes as other species are being used less and less.