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The phone is outdated technology and robocalls are unpopular.

If Zika Becomes a National Crisis, Americans Want to Hear From Government -- Just Not on the Phone

A new survey shows people prefer to receive information about a national health emergency via the Internet and television.

A quantum chip constructed by D-Wave Systems Inc.

Quantum Computers Will Break Today’s Cyber Protections, Scientists Say

True quantum computers don't exist yet, but cryptography needs to evolve for when they do, according to NIST scientists.

An artist rendition of the Bell V-280 Valor.

The Futuristic Aircraft That May Replace the Black Hawk Will Fly Next Year

But don’t expect the V-280 or SB-1 to hit battlefields until after 2030 — unless their builders find other customers first

GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth

GSA Announces New Governmentwide Tech Unit That Will House 18F

The new unit -- called the Technology Transformation Service -- aims to help other federal agencies take advantage of emerging technology.

Watchdog: Risk of Weather Satellite ‘Data Gap’ Shrinks, But Risks Persist

The potentially forecasting-affecting "data gap" is now estimated at between seven to 10 months.

DHS Wants To Test Drive First Responder Tech in NYC

The department is collecting proposals now for an expo to be held in October.

New Bill Says Enough of 'E-Gov' Already

The 2002 legislation aimed to push the government toward using “Internet-based information technology to enhance citizen access to government information and services.”

Feds Have Found ‘Unbelievable’ Amounts of Child Porn on National Security Computers. Is This the Solution?

Currently, managers only look for aberrant computer behavior on internal, agency-owned IT systems.

State Dept. Wants To Map All Wireless Devices Within a 10-Foot Zone

The system could detect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular devices operating in embassies, consulates and other State buildings.