Science in the Age of Trump

Key federal vacancies and policies dismissing climate change worry many in the field.

Read more May 18, 2018 Leave a comment D. Myles Cullen/White House

We Need a DARPA-Like Program for Veterans’ Problems, Experts Say


Dedicating funds to veterans’ health care needs could bring more products to market faster, experts told Congress.

House Passes Bill to Keep Tabs on VA’s Health Records Modernization


Lawmakers plan to keep a close eye on the implementation of the $10 billion project.


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A County Using Amazon’s Facial Recognition Worried About Giving Off “A Big Brother Vibe”

The county has reportedly used the facial recognition tools about 20 times per day.


Let’s Flip the Script on Customer Experience

Customer experience is about more than customer satisfaction.

Nextgov Ajit Pai, chairman Federal Communications Commission

Two Senators Want More Info From FCC On Fake Net Neutrality Comments

The lawmakers were among the millions who had their identities stolen to make fraudulent comments.


Cyber Amendments to Watch in the House’s Defense Authorization Bill

The House Rules Committee is considering more than a dozen cyber-focused amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act, a must-pass policy bill.


Agency Grades Get Worse in Latest FITARA Scorecard

Eleven agencies dropped and five agencies improved in Congress’ latest FITARA scorecard.


Digital Time-Tracking Systems Are Draining Worker Pay

Making sure that people are compensated for the time they’ve worked is an issue of fairness.

Nextgov Matt Grigsby, senior program engineer at Otto, takes his hands off the steering wheel of a self-driving, big-rig truck during a demonstration on the highway, in San Francisco.

The U.S. Might Need Self-Driving Trucks to Avoid a Labor Shortage Crisis

The trucking industry had a shortage of 51,000 truck drivers at the end of last year.

Nextgov Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft Acquired an AI Startup That Helps it Take on Google Duplex

Now it’s just a matter of who can build that technology fastest.


The IRS Doesn’t Know Who’s Accessing Its Most Sensitive Data

The tax agency also isn’t patching vulnerabilities on those systems in a timely manner, an audit found.

Nextgov Public Works Sub-Director Ramon Mendez, wearing a hard hat at left, works with locals who are municipal workers, from right, Eliezer Nazario, Tomas Martinez and Angel Diaz as they install a new post to return electricity in Coamo, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s Power Grid to Get Boost from Energy Department Project

The project was developed to create a resilient energy grid that incorporates different types of power sources.