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OPM Implements Obama Order Authorizing Volunteer Contributions to Combined Federal Campaign

Officials encourage using volunteerism as a team-building exercise, and suggest a “fair and open selection process” to identify where to give.

Most TSP Funds Grew in May

The I Fund was the only portfolio in federal employees’ 401(k)-style retirement savings program to lose ground last month.

The Pentagon Is Increasingly Using Special Authority to Quickly Hire STEM Candidates

Defense is faulted for failing to track the usefulness of those programs, however.

The Benefit That Already Can Be Cut

Even if you’re eligible for a FERS supplement, it can be reduced or eliminated if you go back to work.

Officials Outline Plans to Loosen TSP Withdrawal Rules

Employees and retirees will be able to make multiple age-based withdrawals from their accounts and remain eligible for partial withdrawals after they leave government.

The Benefits of Retirement Counseling

Fewer and fewer agencies offer face-to-face advice.

How Pay Raises and Retiree COLAs Work

A primer on the annual process to determine current and former federal employee compensation.

GSA Announces $2.5 Billion Modernization of Federal Payroll and Leave Systems

The last major payroll provider consolidation took place under the George W. Bush administration.