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Proposed change to unfair labor practice mediation rules draws fire

Federal Labor Relations Authority says change would promote neutrality; union argues it would make mediation harder.

Bush seeks hiring preferences for spouses of veterans

In State of the Union address, president also pledges to eliminate 151 "wasteful or bloated programs."

Buyer Beware

It’s best to remember that your retirement estimate is exactly that -- an estimate.

Homeland Security to boost staffing at 'fusion centers'

Employees will coordinate with local law enforcement and public health workers across the country.

Defending Benefits

Federal employees are very protective of their benefits -- and wary of letting others in on the action.

Pentagon performance-based payouts average 7.6 percent

More than half of employees in first group to enter new personnel system are deemed “valued performers” -- the middle of the five-point scale.

Focus shifts to recruiting older workers

Nonprofits and lawmakers seek solutions to fill critical upper-level vacancies.

TSP prepares for increased activity due to stock market plunge

Officials urge participants to take a long-term view of investing for retirement.

Looking Ahead

Trends and events to keep an eye on for the rest of the year.

Homeland Security drops proposed labor relations plans

Even if department wanted to move forward, Congress has denied it the money to do so.