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OPM authorizes higher pay for hard-to-fill jobs

Regulations seek to boost agency use of underutilized pay flexibility.

Potty parity: First Democrats, then bureaucrats?

Denver convention facility provides more toilets for women to reduce waiting times; legislation is pending in Congress that would mandate a similar approach in federal buildings.

OPM proposes cost-of-living changes for Alaska and Puerto Rico

Alaska workers would see another decrease while Puerto Rico allowances would continue to rise.

Labor group highlights candidates’ differences on federal employee issues

Views on bargaining rights for airport screeners and contracting show important distinctions between Obama and McCain, AFL-CIO political director says.

Opening SAMBA

A venerable health plan, once restricted to law enforcement employees, is now available to all feds and retirees.

Defense to probe fairness of pay for performance system

Department is in the early stages of analyzing data from the National Security Personnel System to suss out any disparities based on age, race or gender.

Unexcused employee absences on the rise, senator says

Since 2001, nearly 300,000 federal employees have been absent without leave for some period of time, study shows.

Silent Treatment

The presidential candidates have been mum on the campaign trail about the future of the federal workforce.

Hurricane Fay reminds managers of emergency workforce flexibilities

Direct hiring authority, premium pay for employees are among several options available to agencies during a crisis.

Equal employment report shows mixed success

Federal workers file fewer complaints, but agencies pay more in damages.