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Homeland Security scraps plans for personnel system

Stopgap funding measure signed Tuesday prohibits department from moving forward with proposed pay-for-performance system.

TSP funds nosedive in September

Wall Street turmoil drags down funds, continuing yearlong trend.


Government reform groups unveil transition plan

Strong performance measurements and attention to workforce are called key to the next administration’s agenda.


Pentagon drops plans to convert union employees to NSPS

Official says current plan is to convert only Defense’s 205,000 non-bargaining unit employees to new pay system.


Salary council discusses 2009 raise, pay gap data

Private sector incentive pay could distort salary differences, which help to determine locality raises.


Senate sends 3.9 percent pay raise to President Bush

Unions and management groups applaud the pay increase, but note the measure will place strain on some agencies by holding funding level.

GAO, union reach interim bargaining agreement

A ratification vote is likely to happen by mid-October.

Bush order allows direct hiring of military spouses

Order approving noncompetitive appointments to civil service jobs follows State of the Union pledge to expand benefits for military families.


Bailout bill would have given Treasury chief unfettered authority

Legislation would have allowed Henry Paulson to waive acquisition rules and competitive hiring procedures.

FERS Flexibilities

What you can do to ensure a comfortable retirement.