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Acquisition workforce inches up in fiscal 2007

Government report says the number of employees handling contracting increased 4.4 percent.

Social Issues

Answers to some common questions about how Social Security fits in to the federal retirement process.

Subpanel votes to hike maximum dependent age for federal health benefits

Measure raises the maximum age of dependents eligible for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan from 22 to 25.

TSP posts solid returns in April

Three riskier funds rise in past month, but post losses over previous year.

GAO to launch employee diversity reforms in response to job performance report

Discrepancies in evaluations of African-American and Caucasian analysts persist and need to be addressed, independent research group concludes.

OMB aims to further streamline security clearance process

President Bush slated to issue executive order June 30.

Community of Caring

More flexibility for volunteer time can foster public service on and off the clock.

Pay disparities hamper efforts to deploy civilians to war zones

Report finds both real and perceived differences in compensation among agencies that have sent employees to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Intelligence community launches executive performance system

Common criteria will focus on building collaborative networks across agency lines, leaders say.

Agencies urged to pitch job flexibilities to attract applicants of all ages

Research shows government is ahead of the curve on alternative work schedules, but doesn't get the word out.