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Dental Check-Up

How to evaluate whether dental insurance is right for you.

Employee groups lay out priorities for next president, Congress

Organizations will continue to fight the Pentagon’s pay overhaul and will push benefits bills, including one to increase the government’s share of health premiums.

Goals for Giving

The CFC appeals to employees and eases the donation process online.

Union hardens its stance on Pentagon personnel system

AFGE claims new rules restrict collective bargaining.

Obama win reignites push to organize airport screeners

Federal unions hope Democratic leadership will open door to collective bargaining rights for Transportation Security Administration employees.

Agencies improve online training systems

Rapid advances in technology expand range of available functions and courses.


Feds denied extra hours off to vote

The Office of Personnel Management says agencies already have authority to adjust excused absence policies.

TSP funds continue to slide in October

Small cap and international stock funds hit hardest.

High Interest

Responses to your questions and comments about high-deductible health plans.

Bidding opens on 2010 pay raise at 2.9 percent

Change in Employment Cost Index has become the de facto baseline for recommended average federal salary increases.