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Cautionary Tales from Past Attempts at Pay-for-Performance

Merit board warns of pitfalls in changing compensation structures.

USPS Must Rescind Its Ban on Employees Taking Leave to Campaign for Union-Backed Candidates

Republican senator, watchdog agency had argued USPS demonstrated bias in allowing the campaigning.

The Most-Asked Federal Retirement Question

Hint: It has to do with health insurance.

One Quarter of Suspended Feds Have Been Suspended Before

Official data show serious discipline for feds is rare, but secret settlements obscure true figures.

Federal Travelers Will Be Reimbursed Slightly More for Hotels and Meals Starting Oct. 1

Marietta, Georgia, qualifies for a higher rate in 2019, while 21 locations will fall back to standard rates that apply in the rest of the continental United States.

Feds Don’t Think a 1.9 Percent Pay Raise Would Be Enough to Attract Talent

Although uncertainty surrounds whether workers will receive a raise next year, "It’s better than nothing," one employee quipped in response to a poll.

How Big a Deal Are the Governmentwide Hiring Reforms That Trump Just Signed Into Law?

Workforce observers praise the reforms, but caution they’re not a "panacea."

As D.C. Feds Face Nightmare Commute, OPM Urges Telework and Other 'Flexibilities'

Transit officials have urged customers to use Metro only if they “have no other option.”