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A TSA employee screens a passenger at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in early January. The airport is one of several that have had to make adjustments due to unscheduled absences.

From TSA Call Outs to FAA Protests, Airports Are Feeling the Shutdown Pressure

Several airports are adjusting their operations to account for fewer security screeners showing up.

Federal employees and their allies rallied outside the White House on Jan. 10.

Who Are the Federal Workers Affected by the Shutdown? Five Questions Answered.

The current government shutdown is now the longest in American history, affecting about 800,000 federal employees.

D.C. Area Agencies That Weren't Already Shuttered Will Close Monday Due to Snow

Announcement does not apply to employees who were furloughed anyway due to the partial shutdown.

Payroll Glitch Gives Employees at One Non-Funded Agency Paychecks During the Shutdown

Some 30 staffers at Chemical Safety Board wrongly received normal pay deposits on Friday.

Government workers rally against the partial government shutdown at Federal Plaza on Thursday in Chicago.

The Impact of the Government Shutdown Is About to Snowball

The consequences will only get more severe after federal workers miss their first paychecks Friday—even as the Trump administration tries, in ways large and small, to mitigate them.

Federal employees rally in Detroit for an end to the shutdown.

Lawsuits: Making Feds Work During Shutdown Violates 13th Amendment

Federal employee unions also claim the Trump administration’s efforts to maintain services despite the shutdown constitute a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act.

TSA employees are among those working without pay.

Saturday, the Shutdown Becomes the Longest Ever. And Illegal.

According to court precedent, the government is about to violate federal law with its own employees.

Furloughed Feds Poised to Receive Back Pay After House Sends Measure to Trump

The president said he would sign the bill, which would retroactively compensate feds when the shutdown ends.

Shutdown Roundup: 'Real Damage' to Aviation, EPA Slows Pollution Inspections and FEMA Stops Contracts

Local government and air travel are feeling the effects of the shutdown acutely.