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OPM Extends Pay Freeze for Top Administration Officials

Officials now say the provision preventing pay raises for some Cabinet-level officials runs until the end of the current spending deal.

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The Year of the Civil Servant

Never before have the roles of government workers taken on such significance. But there could be consequences to using their power to undermine the administration.

What the 2018 Pay Raise Means for You

OPM released its pay tables for employees across government shortly after President Trump released his executive order authorizing a 1.9 percent increase for civilian federal workers.

Trump Issues 2018 Pay Raise Order

The White House stuck with the 1.9 percent increase originally proposed for civilian federal employees.

Feds Avoid Shutdown, But Larger Threat Looms in the New Year

Cuts to federal employees' pay and benefits could serve to offset funding boosts in a spending deal.

White House Calls for ‘Fundamental Reform’ to Feds’ Pay, Delays New 2018 Localities

President Trump still must issue the final order authorizing a 2018 pay increase before the end of the year.

Developing a TSP Withdrawal Plan

Tips on crafting a strategy for tapping into your TSP funds in retirement.

Trump Names Two Federal Pay Raise Advisers

After nearly a year of inaction, White House begins reconstitution of the Federal Salary Council.